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Ooma Telo 49339 Release Notes

Posted: Thu Sep 15, 2011 8:29 am
by Bobby B
This release will be rolled out to customers over the next week or two.

Release notes for firmware version 49339:
  • Add wireless WAN access to setup.ooma
  • Add multi-network support to Ooma Wireless
  • Fix outgoing calls failing after a network flap [6511]
  • Undo change that may cause an upgrade to get stuck [9779]
  • Fix bug where Handset 3 or Handset 4 may lose connection with the base [10459]
  • Fix problem with lost sessions that could cause a Telo line to stay active [10979, 11360]
  • Fix sounds effects getting cut off on some Telos [11127]
  • Fix problem where Uniden D3280 rings indefinitely if the call is not answered [11242]
  • Fix port selection for the speed tests in setup.ooma [11260]
  • Fix robotic voice that may occur under network congestion [11268]
  • Fix issue with sending GVE PIN when dialing *#483 from a private handset [11354]
  • Fix audio quality issue when there's a lot of out of order packets [11548]