Here are just a few stories people have shared with us!

Who can complain about saving money. I love that the Ooma dashboard tells me how much each time I login :)
No sense in getting robbed from the phone/cable companies for phone service when you can get just as good, if not better, service from Ooma for a fraction of the cost.
I’ve been a tech person for a very long time, but I was hesitant to give up my landline. I have heard horror stories about people having issues reaching needed services over cell. I did not want to lose my ability to reach the services. The day happened that I needed emergency services and Ooma was right there. It may have saved a life. Thank you for having a great E911 system and great service.
Our local telco charged around $99/month for basic service, unlisted number, and no long distance calling. I was ready to cancel, then I remembered my brother said he had Ooma and loved it. I wound up purchasing a refurbished Ooma to give the service a test drive. I was a bit worried about the set up process based on my experience with other VoIP providers. It wound up being one of the easiest things to set up. We were using it for a month before I decided to get the Premier package. Definitely worth it! With the cost of Premier and all the monthly costs combined, I save a ton of money! According to the savings calculator we’ve saved roughly $4,900 since March 2013!
First bought my Telo for the cost savings. Payback was less than 6 months. Biggest thing I love today is its interactions with my Nest Thermostat. With the use of geofencing app, Skylark, I can leave the house and Skylark sees my departure which sets my Nest to away mode. This in turn triggers Ooma to forward my calls to my cell phone. Upon approach to home the process reverses itself.
I have been an Ooma user for about five months and really love it. It is everything as advertised. I opted for the premier option for the extra features. With the call blocking configured, my received marketing spam calls went from six or eight a day to maybe one or two a week. I can easily add these to the blocked call list. I would highly recommend Ooma for it’s voice clarity and additional features.
Ooma was part of my cable cutting plan. By only getting internet services from my isp and using Ooma to provide VoIP and PlayStation Vu and Amazon Prime to provide my entertainment, my total bill dropped around $100/month!
I originally purchased my first Ooma as a cost saving measure. After many years, I had the opportunity to change services over for my family’s vacation cabin. When high-speed internet became available I immediately put in an Ooma and cancelled the old landline. I’ve installed it for my parents now too. It’s a great option to add and save some big bucks over the major providers.
I have my Ooma set to ring my cell when I am not at home. To me that is a great feature when you are expecting an important call. I also have Ooma integrated with IFTTT, saving all my voicemails to Google drive and alerting me of a call by flashing my outdoor light on the patio. Very happy with the product.
I bought my first Ooma Telo unit back in March of this year and it has hands down been the single best phone investment I have ever made. All of my calls have been crystal clear and the extra features are simply amazing. I will never go back to a land line system ever again!!!