Ooma Customers are Ooma Believers

Here are just a few stories people have share with us!

Here are just a few stories people have shared with us!

I love the simplicity of setup, the savings, and the ability to greatly limit callers.
I love my Ooma. Saving over $30 a month for about nearly 28 months now. But that’s not all. The clarity and blacklisting are great too. As is the mobile app. Get my calls on my cell anywhere.
I love my Ooma app. Whether I’m at work, play, or away from home on a trip I am always connected. Being able to get my voicemail on my app is a a valued feature and I love placing calls from my home number through the app. All in all it’s one of the best apps that I use!
We had a water leak that ran under our wood floor a few months ago. I installed Ooma water sensors under all sinks, dishwasher, water heater, etc. Recently, my phone rang at 3 a.m. Leak under kitchen sink that would have caused serious damage. Sensors are great.
I love my Ooma telephone because it is an excellent price and I can control everything from my computer. I save around $30.00 per month and the quality is equal to or better than my last carrier.
I save a ton with ooma. My wife is stuck in her old fashioned ways, and insists we keep a house phone, but with ooma my phone bill is a small fraction of what it used to be. We hardly ever use the house phone, but it gives my wife the peace of mind she wants.
Great customer service. I have only contacted customer service two or three times and every time I have received cheerful, competent, and effective help. That’s not common with telco support most places.
With the Ooma Water Sensor- there is peace of mind knowing that the basement hasn’t flooded and if it does, then I will be the first to know.
I have tried other internet phone providers and this is by far the best I have tried. The quality and reliability is second to none. I love the investment I made in this product and will continue to tell anyone who asks.
First of all Ooma acts like all the expensive phone services I had for many years, but it has saved me about 20$ a month with the same and sometimes more options than the others brands offered. I got this when money was tight and I was already cancelling cable, but didnt want to lose my phone number, but didn’t want to pay the phone company to keep phone going. This fell into my lap and I haven’t looked back even when I had a good job. I mean I could throw money away, but why should I?