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Ooma wins patent for technology to keep businesses online during internet outages

By |Monday December 6, 2021

Ooma was recently granted its 51st patent. While we’re proud of all of them, this is a huge one for small businesses. The title is “Systems and Methods of Communications Network Failure Detection and Remediation Utilizing Link Probes.” We know it sounds complicated, but this patent describes a vital piece of technology used in Ooma Connect − our solution for delivering backup internet service.

Before I explain our newly patented technology, let me start by sharing a scenario to illustrate why a company needs a product like Ooma Connect.

Say a snowstorm knocks out the cable internet service to your pizza parlor. Without a backup, anything relying on the internet would come to a screeching halt. No online orders coming in. No way for customers to use apps or banking cards to pay for their pizzas. And no phone service, assuming your business has voice over internet service, so you have no way of receiving your customers’ calls. Ooma Connect can prevent this disaster.

How does it work?

Ooma Connect comes with a base station and antenna that gives your business a wireless internet connection to your Ooma Office phone service, as well as backup internet access.

This means you have two channels to receive and transmit data—your primary internet connection (through cable, fiber or T1) and the backup Ooma Connect wireless connection (via an LTE wireless network). Both internet channels send data streams to and from your phone and your connected business applications.

United States Patent 11,171,875 B2

Now here is where our new patent’s technology steps in. Ooma’s cloud-based software monitors both data streams. If the software detects that your primary internet channel has failed, it switches over to the backup Ooma Connect wireless internet stream. This keeps your business internet running and calls, even those in progress, will continue uninterrupted. Think of Ooma Connect as your team’s relief player who jumps into action to save the day.

Ooma’s software will make sure that once your primary internet comes back up, it takes over again as the main data connection. And our software will continue monitoring both streams and be ready to switch over to Ooma Connect at the next sign of an internet failure.
This patent discloses the systems and methods to communicate when a network failure is found and explains the steps to restore internet connection. This involves connectivity tests, authentication measures to maintain security, registration transfers from the primary to the backup network, and connection to the backup network.

How much does Ooma Connect cost?

Ooma Connect hardware, which consists of the base station and antenna, can be purchased for $599.99 or rented for $15 a month. Ooma Connect data plans range from $29.99 to $99.99 a month. Your business will also need an Ooma Office business communications service plan, which starts at $19.95 per user/month. So, for as low as $65 a month plus taxes and fees, you can get the peace of mind that your business won’t come to a complete stop the next time your primary internet service goes down.

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