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Business Phone for Hospitality Services

When you run a hotel, motel or other hospitality business, you need a reliable phone system to keep you connected. Whether it’s speaking with customers about reservations or staff communications in operations, your business communications system is an essential component to running your business efficiently and optimizing profitability. Having a reliable, affordable business phone service that also includes a mobile app and excellent 24×7 support is a must.

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Business Phone for Hospitality Services

What are hospitality businesses looking for in an office phone system?

Hospitality companies are often managing a high volume of calls for scheduling reservations to coordinating staff and third-party businesses that provide services for events. Communication is the glue that brings hospitality details together, which means you need a reliable business phone service that can help you and your team keep pace.

All of those incoming calls can become overwhelming, which means a system that can automatically handle a large amount of calls and intelligently route them to the callers’ desired location can bring a huge sigh of relief to hotel management and staff.

Mobile access is also critical in the hospitality industry. Frequently, you and your team members are not sitting or standing behind a desk, but are scouting event spaces, working with caterers and restaurant services, talking to suppliers, meeting with clients, and making sure every inch of your property is in perfect shape. Having smartphone access to your main business line ensures you never miss a call or skip a beat.

Ooma Business testimonial.

Hotel 32 | 32 needed a flexible and easy-to-use business communication system that could be deployed quickly, with advanced features and a virtual receptionist to answer calls 24/7

Hotel 32 | 32

Hotel 32 | 32 replaced its legacy phone system with Ooma Office to gain advanced features such as a Virtual Receptionist, Ring Groups, a mobile app, extension dialing, and music on hold. Instead of having customers call a standard office or mobile phone and simply getting transferred to an answering machine, Ooma provides services that allow small businesses to be seen as large enterprises.

Matthew Werner

General Manager at Hotel 32 | 32.


Ooma for hospitality services

There are several Ooma Business features that can help busy hospitality professionals manage incoming calls and create a more flexible and scalable communications experience.

  • “Always on” service that routes callers to staff easily. With Ooma, you can set up a Virtual Receptionist and build automated menu options that intelligently routes callers to reservations, room service or elsewhere. You can even play helpful messages while the caller is on hold. It’s a great way to keep your business looking polished and professional.
  • Never miss a business call, no matter where you are. Those who work in hospitality are frequently working away from their desks. The Ooma mobile app allows you to always be connected to your main business line, so you can use all the business features you love from your smartphone.
  • Flexibility without disruption. You can flip a call from your desk phone to your mobile phone and back, so that you can continue to take your call on the go without disrupting your call.
  • Integration into backend systems. Incorporate your phone system into reservations, billing and reward membership CRM, so you can immediately recognize each customer and serve them faster, with greater accuracy.
  • Record calls for quality assurance. Analyze calls and play them back for training purposes. You can also get call center and management reports to evaluate and optimize performance and consistency.
  • Fast response and call-back times. Thanks to Caller-ID and guest names in your call logs, you can call each customer back quickly and easily to keep satisfaction rates high.

Learn more about how Ooma modernizes and standardizes communications across properties with simple, yet sophisticated solutions that save you money. Download the Use Case.

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