Tips on Ooma's Business Phone Systems

Workplace Etiquette

When starting a new job, it’s important to both brief yourself on the company’s specific policies and take stock of the unique culture of your new workplace. While some things change between companies, some rules are universal and provide a general guideline for how to behave. Here’s a breakdown of some widely accepted workplace etiquette […]

Tips for Small Businesses to Improve Communication

For small businesses, communication is essential to making sure your team is working effectively. When internal communications are good, there is a strong sense of collaboration. Employees relate better to each other and to their clients. Effective internal communications also result in substantial productivity gains from your team. Everyone’s efforts are dovetailing, and processes are […]

How does “The Number One Rated Leadership Trainer” in the state of Arizona reach customers without hiring a lot of employees?

Starting a business can be difficult but it can be even more challenging if you don’t have the resources to effectively market to customers. According to a recent Inc. Magazine article, hiring employees, increasing profits and growing revenues are three of the biggest challenges small businesses have. As a small business owner, any available resources […]