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Gotta Fax? Then You’ve Gotta Check Out SureFax From Ooma Office

The fax machine. Reports of its ultimate extinction in the workplace have circulated for years. However, as long as there are law firms, CPAs, banks and healthcare companies, there will continue to be fax machines. They play a vital part in the secure transmission of legal documents, medical records, mortgage documents, invoices, sales orders and […]

Ooma Expands Office Phone Service Into Canada

In May 2013, we officially launched our small business phone service, Ooma Office, in the U.S. Almost one year later, we’re bringing Ooma Office to the thousands of Canadian microbusinesses with one to 10 employees. We’re making purchasing easy, too. Starting Jan. 8, Ooma Office will be available in Canada through Amazon, Best Buy Canada, Canada Computers, Costco, […]

Ooma Office Takes New Features to Major Online Retailers

First Staples and now Amazon, and! Ooma is expanding the availability of its Ooma Office product to major online retailers equipped with new online fax and call log features. Ooma is proud to continue developing advanced features that enable small businesses to operate and grow efficiently. Bundling an online fax capability into Ooma […]