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How Does Smart Home Security Keep You Safer Than Traditional Systems?

In a traditional home security system, users have an access code for arming and disarming the system. This critical series of numbers is what you type each time you arrive home and each time you leave the house. Today’s smart home security systems are using different types of technology to arm and disarm your home’s […]

Grow Your Startup With The 7 Best Billing & Invoicing Systems

If you’re an entrepreneur and startup owner then you’re well aware that you have to wear multiple hats. You may not have anticipated having to control marketing, networking, accounting, and billing among other things. While all of these responsibilities are important, billing and invoicing are crucial components that deserve special attention. If you don’t bill […]

Ooma’s Guide to Running Your Business From Your Mobile Device

Americans will take more than 488 million business trips this year. Thanks to new technologies that enhance digital interconnectedness, it’s easier than ever before to run your business from your mobile device. Whether you’re working from an airport lounge or while driving between sales locations, we know how important it is to stay on top […]