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4 Indications That You Should Scale Your Business Phone System

You’ve set your business on a growth trajectory, and you’re proactively increasing your marketing and promotions to grow your client base and revenue stream. Whether your initial operational growth happens in staffing, product, or infrastructure, you’ll need to have the right business systems in place to stay on the path to success. In particular, you’ll […]

How Does Smart Home Security Keep You Safer Than Traditional Systems?

In a traditional home security system, users have an access code for arming and disarming the system. This critical series of numbers is what you type each time you arrive home and each time you leave the house. Today’s smart home security systems are using different types of technology to arm and disarm your home’s […]

Which Type of Phone Is Right for Your Business?

We get it — you have many options for your business communications. Not only are you deciding between vendors, but phone types range from landlines to cell phones to hybrid solutions like VoIP. We are frequently asked: Do you need VoIP if you already have a cell phone? And are there advantages to switching to […]