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How Consultants Are Using VoIP to Improve Client Experiences

The best consultants realize a simple truth: the client experience is critical to success. When clients feel well taken care of, they’re more likely to renew their contracts or return to you for additional projects. Find out how a VoIP business phone can help your consultant business provide smoother client experiences. Office Phone on the […]

7 Ways Your Business Productivity Improves When You Combine Voicemail with Email

Your daily operations are directly affected by the telephone features your small business can access. For example, voicemail is something that’s used on a daily basis. Yet, traditional voicemail systems can be archaic and frustrating. It’s easy to assume that voicemail frustrations are a necessary part of doing business. However, some voicemail hacks can improve […]

How Much Should Your Business Be Spending on Phones?

For all businesses, communication tools are important. While choosing the right phone system won’t help you say the right things during client calls, choosing the right telephone service can affect your monthly overhead, the features you have access to, and your mobility tools. Let’s take a closer look at business phone spending, including the average […]