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6 Reasons Why A Phone Conversation Is Better Than An Email

Email messages are great. But there are certain business situations when it is better to talk on the phone than send an email. Auditory neuroscientist Seth Horowitz explains that our brain’s circuitry that interprets our hearing has evolved over 400 million years. We’re hard-wired for conversations, and “we’ve evolved to listen to other people talk,” […]

Conference Call Survey: The Who, What, Why, and Whoops

How often does your business use conference calls? And, are you wondering what people are really doing during your conference call? At Ooma, we wanted to learn more about how people are using conference calls and what the friction points were — dropped calls, poor quality, or maybe something else. The infographic below shows the […]

The 5 Most Important Technologies To Improve Restaurant Productivity

The right tool makes all the difference for restaurant owners and operators. For example, when a chef chooses the right knife for the task, they’re able to make a better cut. So too must smart decisions be made about the tools and services of restaurant operations. In order for your front-of-house to be as effective […]