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Ooma Launches DP1 Desk Phone for Wireless VoIP

The DP1 Desk Phone is an exciting new business phone that lets you make the most of your Ooma Office phone service. With feature-rich functionality and wireless connectivity, the DP1 provides you with a new way to stay connected. “The DP1 provides all the features of a high-end desk phone, yet can go anywhere there’s […]

5 Communications Innovations for Your Hospitality Business

Your hospitality company may be relying upon an older PBX phone system that you’ve had since you launched your business. However, cell phones haven’t been the only communications innovation over the years. Even when legacy business phones work just fine, updating to an innovative telephone solution can have a significant impact on your hospitality business. […]

How Retail Business Is Changing Through Advances in Mobile Technology

The in-store retail experience has had some significant changes as a result of mobile technology advancements. It’s now a world where customers can pay via SMS, and selfies can authorize credit card payments. Does your business need to join the digital revolution? We’ve rounded up four practical mobile technologies that you can implement in your […]