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Ooma Enterprise vs. Mitel: Which Is the Right Phone System for Your Business?

With its many deployment options, choosing the best enterprise-grade phone system isn’t always easy. Moreover, there’s the pressure to get it right the first time because deployment at the scale of hundreds or thousands of users stands to magnify any potential issue. After all, one of the most frustrating scenarios is to start using workaround […]

Ooma Office vs. Spectrum Business – Business Phone Comparison

Because Spectrum for Business phone service can be bundled with Spectrum’s Internet and TV service, it’s easy to assume that the bundle would give you a better rate and better service. After comparing Ooma’s business phone service to that of Spectrum in detail, however, we found that Ooma Office is more reliable, easier to use, […]

How Consultants Are Using VoIP to Improve Client Experiences

The best consultants realize a simple truth: the client experience is critical to success. When clients feel well taken care of, they’re more likely to renew their contracts or return to you for additional projects. Find out how a VoIP business phone can help your consultant business provide smoother client experiences. Office Phone on the […]