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Workplace Etiquette

When starting a new job, it’s important to both brief yourself on the company’s specific policies and take stock of the unique culture of your new workplace. While some things change between companies, some rules are universal and provide a general guideline for how to behave. Here’s a breakdown of some widely accepted workplace etiquette […]

Turning Your Small Business into a Smart Business

Running a small business can pull you in a million different directions. While a large corporation has separate departments for advertising, finance and IT, small business owners wear multiple hats. This makes it all the more important to leverage technology to work smarter. Here are some tips on how to turn your small business into […]

How Do IP Phone Systems Work?

In many ways, using an IP phone system for your business is the same experience as using a regular telephone system. The differences are that you get a bundle of advanced features, and your bill is cheaper than traditional landline phone systems. You may be asking, “How is it possible to pay less and get […]