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Ooma vs. Verizon: Comparing Business Phone Service

While you might initially think that a familiar company like Verizon would provide the best option for business phone service, a head-to-head comparison between Ooma and Verizon told a different story. At Ooma, we analyzed business VoIP phone service from both companies and compiled independent reviews to see how the two services stacked up. The […]

10 Technologies Every Small Business Needs in 2018…And For The Future

If you’re running a small business you’ve got a lot of ways to spend your money. You can hire people. Buy equipment. Advertise. Save. And then there’s technology. It’s no debate that the companies that invest in the right technologies are the ones that are able to grow and profit. But what technology is best […]

5 Things Every Employer Should Know About Remote Workers

Are you thinking of letting some of your employees work from home? Considering bringing on a remote, independent contractor? Or maybe your small business is virtual. These are common challenges most businesses face today and, in an era where many employees are demanding more independence, flexibility and mobility it’s an issue that also needs to […]