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Is Google Changing How You Call 911 on an Android?

Voice commands on your Android could mean the difference between life and death. Consider emergency scenarios when you’re unable to dial 911. You could be unable to reach your cell phone after a fall, have lost mobility because of a stroke, or administering CPR. For Android users, Google is the engine processing voice commands on […]

6 Ways to Take Action Against Robocalls

When the phone rings, there’s a 50/50 chance that it could be a robocall. For some people, it’s even worse. This is especially true if you live in one of the states that get the most robocalls, such as Georgia and Louisiana. As lawmakers move slowly to address robocalls, many consumers are taking matters into […]

How to Dial 911 Using Siri on Your iPhone

Siri could save your life. With a simple voice command, you can make a hands-free 911 call, even if you can’t reach the phone. The stories of Siri’s life-saving abilities have already made headlines: When a single Dad flipped his Jeep in the Nevada desert, he didn’t know where his phone was, so he started […]