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Which States Get the Most Robocalls?

When your phone is constantly ringing from unwanted robocalls, it’s hard to remember that you’re not alone in your frustrations. In fact, millions of Americans across the country are facing a similar stream of phone calls. However, research has revealed that the distribution of scam calls isn’t even. Find out how the rate of robocalls […]

Cell Phone Cost Comparison Timeline

The cell phone has dramatically changed how we communicate, and it’s connected us more than ever before. While cell phones are now must-have devices, they weren’t always as accessible. When early models were released, their high cost made them more of a status symbol than an everyday tool. How did we get to this point? […]

Ooma vs. BasicTalk: Comparing Low-cost Phone Systems

VoIP phone services, Ooma and BasicTalk, are known among both cost-cutting and cord-cutting communities. Even as VoIP has been a game changer for home phone service, switching to an internet-based phone plan can involve new questions, logistics, and functionality. In a head-to-head comparison of Ooma versus BasicTalk, we’ll compare the service, features, support, and cost […]