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Home Phone Debate: Can VoIP Replace Your Landline?

When comparing a landline to other phone types, it’s helpful to start by considering the advantages of using a landline phone. Does your landline unite your family or business under a single phone number? Do you value the features that your landline offers? More and more people are forgoing their hard-wired telephones, and only 45.9 […]

VoIP At Home: Why Some Services Have Clearer Calls Than Others

Call quality on voice over the internet (VoIP) phone services is not equal. This has to do with a wide range of issues from hardware to software infrastructure to internet speeds. However, when you’re trying to have a phone conversation, you don’t want to be considering how your VoIP provider is processing your call audio. […]

Travelling Abroad: How Your Ooma Home Phone Keeps You Connected

With most cell phone plans, making calls while overseas can be costly and complicated. Depending on your situation, there may be international roaming charges, add-on phone plans, high cost calls, and swapping SIM cards. Not only is Ooma an affordable international calling solution, but the Ooma home phone app keeps you connected no matter where […]