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7 Steps After a Home Break-In

We all hope it will never happen, but the statistics show that one burglary happens every 15 seconds. That’s about 2.1 million break-ins annually, with three-quarters of them happening in residential areas. What should you do if your home is broken into? Here are the 7 steps to take to remain safe after the unthinkable […]

Beginner’s Guide to DIY Home Security

Homes without security systems are three times more likely to be broken into. It’s a shocking statistic for sure, but homeowners and renters are not helpless in the face of crime. Home security systems are easier than ever before to implement. Let’s break down the basics of home security so you can be proactive in […]

91% of Teens Access the Internet Through Mobile Devices—are They in Danger?

In today’s world, computers are everywhere. From home computers to small tablets and wearables, computers are now in every home, used by children and adults alike. And worse, all of these devices are vulnerable to hacking. Nearly 96 million Americans (or 31% of the population) have had their Internet network, e-mail, or computer hacked or […]