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Ooma Smart Home Recipes – From IFTTT

Did you know that there are over 1.9 billion smart home devices in the market today? It’s projected that number will skyrocket to around 9 billion by 2018. If your home contains one of them, then you should know that Ooma Telo is able to integrate with some of the most popular connected devices like […]

Smart Home Security – How Smart Homes Are Changing the Security World

In recent years, smart home technology has radically transformed the home security landscape with numerous changes and developments. To understand the impact of the smart home on the security space, it helps to take a closer look at what security systems looked like before and after the onset of smart home tech. Security before smart […]

7 Steps After a Home Break-In

We all hope it will never happen, but the statistics show that one burglary happens every 15 seconds. That’s about 2.1 million break-ins annually, with three-quarters of them happening in residential areas. What should you do if your home is broken into? Here are the 7 steps to take to remain safe after the unthinkable […]