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How Voice Over IP (VoIP) Works

VoIP at a Glance: How VoIP works varies based on what you’re using to complete the call: either through a combination of the VoIP and traditional phone system or completely over the Internet. Computer-to-computer calling does not need the traditional phone system. A good example of a computer-to-computer call is Skype. In this case, the […]

7 Advantages of Using a VoIP Phone System

While we certainly think Ooma is the best VoIP service out there and provides many more advantages than your everyday provider, there’s a list of common advantages over traditional telephone service that all VoIP providers share. If you’re on the fence about whether or not to ditch your landline, here are seven common advantages of […]

Cell Phone Cost Comparison Timeline

The cellular phone has dramatically changed how we communicate, and it has connected us more than ever before. While cell phones are now must-have devices, they weren’t always as accessible. Previously, their high cost made them more of a status symbol than a standard, everyday tool. So how did we get to this point? This […]


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