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Celebrating Colombian Independence Day By Calling Family And Friends

Every year on July 20th, there are celebrations around the world for Colombian Independence Day. The date is memorialized because it’s when the resistance to the Spanish occupation began. In Bogotá on July 20, 1810, a riot broke out among the Colombian-born population, sparked by an incident where a Spanish merchant refused to lend a […]

6 Movies Where a VoIP Phone Would Have Changed the Plot

Technology changes our daily lives, but it can also ruin a movie plot by solving a character’s problems. In the collection of six movies below, the characters would not have faced the same challenges if they had been using VoIP home phone services. How could using the Ooma Telo have helped? Read on to find […]

Top 5 Must-Have Phone Apps for International Traveling

Are you preparing for your next international trip? Whether you’re traveling for business or are about to have an overseas adventure, getting ready requires more than packing your suitcases. You’ll need digital tools to help you get around, stay connected, and understand what people are saying. Here are our recommendations for the five essential apps […]