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What’s Being Done by Lawmakers to Block Robocallers?

Consumer rage about robocalls has reached a boiling point. The lightning rod topic has politicians scrambling, federal agencies brainstorming, and phone companies troubleshooting. All the while, users just want their phones to stop ringing with spam phone calls. Notably, Ooma Premier phone service has been ahead of this issue for years. Even though Ooma is […]

What Are the Pros and Cons of VoIP, Landline, and Cellular Phone Service?

The phone technologies of today give consumers more choices than ever. When deciding which type of phone provider to use, it can be helpful to understand the three different approaches to phone services. Landline Phone Service Traditional landline phone service used to be the standard in nearly all homes, and this type of hard-wired phone […]

How to Avoid Becoming the Next Victim of Robocallers Who Use Caller ID Spoofing

Phone scammers will try anything to fool people into believing their cons. One of the most common robocalling tricks is using caller ID technology for the purposes of psychological manipulation. Known as caller ID spoofing, scammers use false caller ID information to fool the caller into thinking an incoming call is from someone who can […]