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10 Telephone Slang Terms That Kids Don’t Understand

Technology is changing faster than ever. In particular, telephone technology has rapidly evolved in a relatively short period. Whether you’re considering the history of telephone design or the evolution of VoIP, Mental Floss’ Jason English summed it up with this tweet: “My daughter just asked why we say ‘hang up’ the phone and now I […]

Switching an Elderly Relative from a Landline to a Low-cost VoIP Phone

For many seniors, it’s challenging to find utilities that are low in cost, easy to use, and offer a comfortable level of technology. Ooma Telo is a residential voice over internet (VoIP) phone service that’s an effective landline phone replacement for seniors. As you’ll find out in this senior’s guide to VoIP phones, it meets […]

Are Copper Phone Lines Going Away?

Hard-wired telephone landlines have been around for more than 100 years. However, today’s changing communications technology may render them extinct. As one cultural commentary in The Guardian quipped, “The landline”s primary use is on TV, as a signifier you’re watching a period drama, i.e. anything set in 1995.” How are telcos managing copper-wire landlines and […]