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Comparing VoIP services: Ooma vs. MagicJack

It’s a fast-paced world, and though technology has made great strides in keeping us connected, this digital interconnectedness sometimes comes at a cost. For example, it is increasingly challenging to keep personal and professional lives separate, and you’re often expected to answer your work phone while attending your kid’s soccer game on a Saturday afternoon. […]

Using Ooma with Alexa – How to Begin Syncing Your Smart Home

Did you know that one in four consumers (26%) own a smart-home product, and 98% of users are satisfied with their smart-home device? So, if almost everyone is satisfied, why haven’t smart-home products been more widely accepted? The primary hesitations for purchasing smart-home technology are price (42%), and data privacy and security (17%). However, the […]

Smart Home Upgrades That Increase a Home’s Value

Several years ago, the “internet of things” wasn’t a household term. Thanks to the emergence of smart technology, however, 81% of buyers would be more willing to buy a home if smart home products were installed, and 54% of homeowners who are in the market to sell would buy smart home technology to speed up […]