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Small Business
Written by Team Ooma

Coming Soon! A Big Business Phone System at a Small Business Price.

Greetings from Las Vegas! Ooma is here exhibiting at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show where we have announced Ooma Office, our first ever small business phone system. Ooma Office uses your high-speed Internet connection to de [...]

Written by Team Ooma

The Ooma Linx Launch

Some of our customers have been asking us for an easy way to connect phones and fax machines located in other rooms to their Ooma Telo. So we asked, why not connect wirelessly to Ooma Telo?  Come on…nothing could be easier than that. And now yo [...]

Written by Team Ooma

The wait is over. The Ooma HD2 handset will be available from Ooma.com on October 17.

Some things are worth waiting for. Like true love. Or a cold beer after mowing your lawn on a hot summer afternoon. Or, how about the ability to tap into the full power of Ooma home phone service in the palm of your hand? Of course I’m talking [...]