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Small Business
Written by Team Ooma

What is a Cloud PBX?

Ever wonder what all the buzz is over Cloud or Virtual PBX and why it is important for a small business? Most of you will think of a PBX (private branch exchange) as a big switchboard to manage calls within an organization. With a traditional P [...]

Written by Team Ooma

We’re Now Blocking over 1 Million Telemarketing Calls a Month

We believe your home phone ringing shouldn’t bring a moment of dread anticipating an unwanted sales call, so it’s no surprise to us that blacklisting is Ooma’s most popular Premier feature. As you may know, our Personal Blacklist lets you crea [...]

Written by Team Ooma

Can Your Home Call You in an Emergency?

We’re guessing that unless your last name is Jetson, your house hasn’t placed a call to you lately. But that’s about to change, thanks to our new partnership with Nest Labs (you’re probably familiar with their innovative Nest Thermostat or Nest [...]