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Written by Team Ooma

Big shout out all Oomazing video participants!

Legos, pets, song and dance? We are beyond impressed with the variety of submissions we received for our Oomazing Office Video Contest. A huge thanks goes out to all of our creative contestants for their participation. Ooma is proud to help [...]

Written by Team Ooma

Ooma Brings High Speed to the Racetrack

Update: Oomazing photos from the Big Bore Bash! Ooma went along for the ride to help racecar driver Matt  Robison cross the finish line last weekend at The Big Bore Bash, VARA’s (Vintage Auto Racing Association) last race of the season. A hu [...]

Written by Team Ooma

Every Second Counts: Ooma 911 Alerts Patent Approved

At Ooma, we understand that you can never be too prepared for emergency situations. That’s why in 2011 we unveiled 911 Alerts, a feature that delivers real-time text and email alerts to users whenever 911 is dialed from an Ooma home phone n [...]