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Written by Thad White

A Look at the Evolution of Messaging

Not too long ago, we lived in a world without the convenience of instant messaging, a time before you could connect to your friends and social media followers in real time with a keystroke. It’s peculiar to envision a society without smiley fac [...]

Small Business
Written by Ken Narita

Roundup of the 3 Simplest Office-Saving Tips From Small Biz Owners

As a small business owner, one of your top priorities is to carefully monitor your expenses, create a budget and find clever ways to save money. After all, the mismanagement of cash flow is the main reason that small businesses fail. That may [...]

Small Business
Written by Dennis Peng

From Alexander Graham Bell to Smartphones: The Evolution of VoIP

Compared to most other forms of communication, VoIP is a relatively new medium that has only been around since the 1990s. And unlike traditional landlines, VoIP has rapidly evolved to keep up with not only the demands of customers but also tech [...]