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Small Business
Written by Team Ooma

Gotta Fax? Then You’ve Gotta Check Out SureFax From Ooma Office

The fax machine. Reports of its ultimate extinction in the workplace have circulated for years. However, as long as there are law firms, CPAs, banks and healthcare companies, there will continue to be fax machines. They play a vital part in the [...]

Small Business
Written by Team Ooma

Starting a Small Business? Ooma Can Help

When starting a small business, you face many questions and decisions – the location of your office, what kind of computers should you use, what should your logo look like, what kind of phone system should to adopt – and the list goes on and on [...]

Written by Team Ooma

The Ooma Wearable Safety Phone is Here!

Remember those commercials with the elderly lady who fell, couldn’t get up and began shouting loudly for help?  She was wearing an alert pendant, which required her to be close to a base station to communicate. So despite her distress, she lay [...]