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Small Business
Written by Ken Narita

Ooma’s Guide to Running Your Business From Your Mobile Device

Americans will take more than 488 million business trips this year. Thanks to new technologies that enhance digital interconnectedness, it’s easier than ever before to run your business from your mobile device. Whether you’re working from an ai [...]

Written by Anthony Hizon

Using Ooma with Alexa – How to Begin Syncing Your Smart Home

Did you know that one in four consumers (26%) own a smart-home product, and 98% of users are satisfied with their smart-home device? So, if almost everyone is satisfied, why haven’t smart-home products been more widely accepted? The primary hes [...]

Written by Anthony Hizon

Smart Home Upgrades That Increase a Home’s Value

Several years ago, the “internet of things” wasn’t a household term. Thanks to the emergence of smart technology, however, 81% of buyers would be more willing to buy a home if smart home products were installed, and 54% of homeowners who are in [...]