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Written by Ken Narita

Ooma Office vs. Spectrum Business – Business Phone Comparison

Because Spectrum for Business phone service can be bundled with Spectrum’s Internet and TV service, it’s easy to assume that the bundle would give you a better rate and better service. After comparing Ooma’s business phone service to that of Sp [...]

Written by Thad White

10 Telephone Slang Terms That Kids Don’t Understand

Technology is changing faster than ever. In particular, telephone technology has rapidly evolved in a relatively short period. Whether you’re considering the history of telephone design or the evolution of VoIP, Mental Floss’ Jason English summ [...]

Written by Dennis Peng

Switching an Elderly Relative from a Landline to a Low-cost VoIP Phone

For many seniors, it’s challenging to find utilities that are low in cost, easy to use, and offer a comfortable level of technology. Ooma Telo is a residential voice over internet (VoIP) phone service that’s an effective landline phone re [...]