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Written by Anthony Hizon

What does your ideal smart home look like? How would it work?

An ideal smart home is much more than a collection of gadgets, apps and sensors. What exactly does an ideal smart home look like? Do you need to move? Or spend thousands of dollars on upgrades? Your Ideal Smart Home: A “Machine for Living” “A h [...]

Small Business
Written by Ken Narita

Have You Considered These 5 Things About Your Small Business Phone System?

Choosing a business phone service is no longer a choice between archaic landlines and personal cell phones. Hybrid phone solutions like VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) provide the best parts of both platforms. With the broadening of the bus [...]

Written by Thad White

Top Smart Home Technology Trends of 2017

From massive data breaches to the release of the new iPhone to the introduction of breakthrough innovations like paying with your face, last year was quite eventful for the technology space. Amongst the clamor, one particular noteworthy tech in [...]