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Written by Dennis Peng

Ooma Launches A New App to Make Telo Setup Easier

At Ooma, we believe that our customers come first. Our customer support team has heard your requests for a way to set up the Ooma Telo without needing a computer, and our tech support team has understood your frustrations with our current wirel [...]

Written by Anthony Hizon

List of Smart Appliances That Are Worth the Cost

What’s the easiest way to get started with the smart home experience? Buy a few important smart appliances and use them regularly. Our list includes products under $500 so you can get started on a budget. Note that the prices we list are curren [...]

Written by Thad White

Six Practical Ways Smart Home Devices Improve Your Life

Some people just love gadgets — they live for the thrill of new technology. What if you are not one of those early adapters with money to burn? Which smart home improvements will actually make a difference to your daily life? To answer that que [...]