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Small Business
Written by Ken Narita

Want To Get Away? How Small Business Owners Can Enjoy Their Vacation

While many employees are submitting holiday vacation requests to their boss, small business owners don’t have this luxury. Instead, entrepreneurs must juggle the demands of their business alongside the holiday season’s activities and obligation [...]

Written by Dennis Peng

The Pros and Cons of VoIP Services

VoIP is a great option for just about everyone, with an attractive list of features and a price that’s hard to beat. That said, we wouldn’t be telling the truth if we claimed that VoIP isn’t without its own set of drawbacks. In this article, we [...]

Written by Ken Narita

Comparing VoIP services: Ooma vs. MagicJack

It’s a fast-paced world, and though technology has made great strides in keeping us connected, this digital interconnectedness sometimes comes at a cost. For example, it is increasingly challenging to keep personal and professional lives separa [...]