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Written by Dennis Peng

Home Phone Calculator: How Much Can You Save by Switching to VoIP?

Telephones are a necessity in today’s world, but you don’t need to limit your choices to the plans available from traditional phone companies. Alternatives from voice over the internet (VoIP) home phone providers, such as Ooma, transmit your ca [...]

Written by Jim Gustke

How VoIP Home Phone Service Can Help

With every member of your household having a cell phone in their pocket, it’s reasonable to consider cutting the cord on your landline. After all, isn’t having a landline and cell phones a duplication of services? As 50.8 percent of American h [...]

Small Business
Written by Ken Narita

Comparing Business Telephone Systems of Ooma Office and AT&T

AT&T may be a top name in phone service providers, but that doesn’t mean it leads the pack when it comes to quality business phone service at reasonable rates. In a point-by-point comparison of Ooma versus AT&T, we looked at the similar [...]