Written by Dennis Peng

Is Your Smartphone Making Smart Phone Calls?

It’s easy enough to use your smartphone to make calls. In fact, your most-used apps likely include the phone and voicemail apps that were preinstalled on your device. However, these apps, paired with traditional cellular phone technology, don’t [...]

Small Business
Written by Dayton Turner

Ooma Enterprise vs. Mitel: Which Is the Right Phone System for Your Business?

With its many deployment options, choosing the best enterprise-grade phone system isn’t always easy. Moreover, there’s the pressure to get it right the first time because deployment at the scale of hundreds or thousands of users stands to magni [...]

Written by Thad White

Ooma Customers Can Use Free Apps to Add a Second Phone Line to Their Mobile Phones

Plenty of reasons exist why you’d want to have two phone numbers on one mobile phone, and with the right technology, it’s easy to have multiple lines on a single device. Ooma home and business phone customers have a unique solution throug [...]