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Say ¿Bueno?: Ooma Premier Subscribers in the U.S. Can Now Enjoy Free Calls to Mexico

International_Facebook_Ads_v7_MexicoOur Ooma Premier service just got even better with the addition of unlimited calls to landlines and mobile phones in Mexico. Free calling to Mexico joins the many advanced Premier features like blacklisting telemarketers, 911 text and call alerts, voicemail-to-email, multi-ring, call screening and more.

Ooma Telo customers place tens of thousands of calls to Mexico each month and now premier subscribers can enjoy staying in touch with anyone in Mexico for free.

In addition to free calling to Mexico, Premier subscribers already enjoy unlimited calls to landlines and mobile phones in Canada. For customers who call internationally, Ooma offers everyday low rates on a per-minute basis to countries worldwide, and for customers who frequently call higher cost destinations Ooma’s World Plan for $17.99 per month offers unlimited calling to over 60 countries worldwide.

Built on an innovative technology platform, Ooma’s smart home phone service combines all of the features of a traditional home phone with smart home safety features families have come to expect:

• Nest Alerts makes an Ooma customer’s home safer by alerting them on their mobile device whenever their Nest Protect: Smoke + Carbon Monoxide™ alarm detects the presence of smoke or fire.

• 911 and the 911 Text Alert feature, provides added peace of mind because it can accelerate critical communications during a home emergency situation, especially for those most vulnerable, like children and the elderly. The chances of 911 dispatchers being able to find a victim based on their cell phone’s GPS can be as low as 10% in some parts of the country and a smart home phone like Ooma give parents peace of mind knowing dispatchers will reach their homes quickly in the event of an emergency, all without the high cost of standard landlines.

• Call blocking feature protect consumers against pesky spam and robocalls, even those not blocked by the National Do Not Call List, like charity and political calls. With the 2016 Presidential Election underway, Ooma expects consumers to receive a record number of these annoying robocalls over the next several months.

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Jim Gustke

Jim Gustke is a marketing and Internet veteran with a wealth of experience at the intersection of consumer and technology marketing. As Vice President of Marketing for Intuit, he helped lead the reinvention of Quicken and launch the first SaaS version of the popular personal finance software. Prior to Intuit, Mr. Gustke was responsible for business unit management, global branding and product marketing at Lexar Media, helping grow the flash memory company to over $850 million before its acquisition by Micron Technology. He also served as the founding Vice President of Marketing for Ofoto, an online photography service, acquired by Eastman Kodak in 2001. A pioneer in Internet marketing, he joined America Online in 1996 as the marketing leader for GNN, the company’s first Internet Service Provider, and in 1995 as a marketing manager at Polaroid Corporation he led the team that launched the company’s first corporate web site.

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