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Ooma Office Adds ‘Call Flip’ Calling Feature

On-the-go communication just got easier with Ooma Office‘s latest calling feature, Call Flip. Learn what Call Flip is, how you can use it, and how it can help make your workday better.

Ooma moving calls between devices

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What’s Call Flip?

With Ooma Office’s new calling feature, Call Flip, users can seamlessly move an active call between devices.

When you use Call Flip, the device that you use to start a call doesn’t have to be the device you use to finish your call. Without interrupting your conversation, you can simply “flip” the call to move it from one device to another.

For example, you may have answered a client call on your desk phone, but you need to get on the road to pick up your child from school. With Call Flip, you won’t have to disrupt your conversation to be on time. Simply use Call Flip to “flip” the call from your desk phone to the Ooma Office mobile app on your smartphone.

How Can Call Flip Make Business Calls Easier?

With Call Flip, your customers or clients won’t have to know that you’re multitasking. With Ooma powering your communications, you’ll have the flexibility you need to provide customer-focused professionalism.

Plus, Call Flip’s instant access means that you can avoid unnecessary interruptions and distracting explanations such as your cell phone battery is dying and that you need to continue the conversation on your desk phone.

How Does Call Flip Differ from Call Transfer?

Call Flip sounds similar to Call Transfer, but they have different functions.

With a Call Transfer, you can move an active call to another extension within a business, such as your co-worker. Call Flip allows you to move a call between two devices that are on one user account. In other words, Call Flip is for transferring calls to yourself, from one device to another.

call flip Ooma Office

Using Ooma’s Call Flip Feature

Who Can Use Call Flip? The Call Flip feature is available to all Ooma Office users. You don’t need to activate the feature or sign up; just start using it! If you’re using an Ooma legacy plan, reach out to our service team to get access to the latest calling features including call blocking and Call Flip.

How Much Does It Cost? There’s no extra cost to use Call Flip!

What Devices Are Supported? Ooma’s Call Flip feature is available on all Ooma-compatible devices including Yealink phones, Cisco IP phones, analog phones using an Ooma Base Station or Ooma Linx, the Ooma Office mobile app, or external phones that are connected to your Ooma account.

Where Can You Move Calls To? Call Flip can be used to move calls in any direction between any of your devices. It really is that easy!

How Do You Use Call Flip?

  • Use Call Flip during an active Ooma Office phone call.
  • Initiate a Call Flip by pressing *44 on the device that you’re currently using.
  • This will ring all other assigned device(s) that share your Ooma phone number.
  • To complete the process, simply answer the call on the target device.
  • Note that the call will stay on the original device until it’s answered elsewhere.

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Mark Maxwell

Mark Maxwell is Director of Product Management for Ooma’s SMB products and services and is responsible for creating sophisticated, yet easy-to-use products for our small & medium business customers. Prior to joining Ooma, Mark led Product for Military.com- the nation’s largest online military & veteran community. Mark’s entire career has been focused on delivering complex technology in a simple, approachable manner to both consumers and small business customers. In the past, Mark’s products have won Webby Awards, JD Edwards Customer satisfaction awards, and even People Magazine’s Tech Pick of the Year. Mark is a graduate of Middlebury College in Middlebury, VT.


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