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Ooma’s Expanded Home Security System at CES 2018

By Team Ooma|Tuesday January 9, 2018

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Ooma will be launching a new set of home security products.

Ooma smart home security system provides consumers with a network of protection that includes door and window sensors, motion detectors, water sensors, and important communications features like advanced 911. And now, Ooma is growing its home security offerings through its new products that seamlessly integrate with each other through the Ooma Home Security platform.

Below are the five new Ooma Home Security products that will be demonstrated at CES 2018.

Ooma Home Security Sensors

1. Butterfleye Security Camera Powered by AI

The AI-powered home security camera Butterfleye is on track to make a splash at this year’s CES. With its powerful facial recognition system, it offers consumers a high-level security device that has not previously been accessible within the smart home market.

The camera maps faces, automatically prompts you to create profiles for familiar faces, and seamlessly links to raw video footage that was recorded in 1080 full HD. It has onboard image processing, advanced battery technology, and 16GB of internal storage.

Butterfleye was recently acquired by Ooma and is being showcased at CES as both a standalone security camera and as an integrated component of the Ooma Home Security system.

2. Geofencing for Home Security Automation

Even though safety and security are important, humans are fallible in their ability to remember to arm their security systems. That’s why Ooma helps you to automate your security system with new geofencing technology that creates a digital perimeter around your house to use as a trigger to arm and disarm your security system.

Through geofencing, Ooma automatically switches your security system between Home and Away modes when the first person arrives or the last person leaves home. Powered using your smartphone’s GPS to detect the comings and goings of approved users, the system’s virtual fence radius is fully customizable so that apartment dwellers can set a smaller radius than those with bigger homesteads.

This automation means that you can be sure that your security system is always armed when it needs to be, and you’ll never again wonder: “Did I forget to switch on the security system this morning?”

3. Adding a Siren to Deter Intruders

Now it’s possible to add a siren as an additional device to your Ooma Home Security System. Whether it’s as a direct deterrent to intruders or as a notification to others that a breach has occurred, the 100 dB alarm is as loud as a jet take-off at 334 yards.

As with all of Ooma’s sensors, the siren can be networked to activate when other sensors are triggered. For example, an activated motion sensor may just be the cat, but an opening window may justify the trigger of the siren.

4. Garage Door Security

Specifically designed for the motion of garage doors, the VTech garage door sensor is now fully integrated into the Ooma Home Security platform. Whether you’re concerned about forgetting to close the door behind you or if an intruder is gaining access to your home via the garage door, this smart garage door sensor will allow you to check your garage door via the Ooma Mobile App on your phone.

Like all of Ooma’s sensors, you can use the phone app to set notifications so that if the garage door sensor is activated, you will be notified immediately. With 9% of break-ins occurring via an attached garage, it’s important to not overlook that potential entry point.

5. Staying Safe With a Smart Smoke Detector

A home is not safe without at least one smoke detector. Now with Ooma’s integrated smart-home smoke detector, you’ll be able to maintain protection of your house, even when you’re not at home.

Rather than hoping your neighbors hear your smoke alarm and call 911, Ooma’s smoke alarm will notify you on your phone that the alarm is triggered. When you’re away from home, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that your home is always protected. And for those concerned about elderly relatives or young teenagers at home, this remote access can be especially helpful in keeping family members safe.

If activated, Ooma Home Security will give you the option of calling 911 immediately. Because of Ooma’s advanced functionality, it will route your call directly to your local 911 dispatchers, no matter where you are calling from. It will also automatically transmit your address to first responders, contributing to a faster response time to your emergency.

Ooma and Butterfleye at CES 2018

Want to try Ooma’s comprehensive Home Security system or the Butterfleye video camera with facial recognition? We’re demonstrating all of our devices and their integrations at the 2018 CES. Held at the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas from Jan 9-12, Ooma will be at booth #42731 so stop by to get a first-hand look at Ooma’s comprehensive smart-home security solutions.

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