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Best International Calling App for Traveling to South Korea

The Busan Fireworks Festival is a major festival in South Korea, attracting more than a million visitors to the annual event in Gwangalli Beach on the southeastern coast of the peninsula.

This year, the fireworks spectacle will occur on Saturday, October 27. Highlights will include colorful displays timed with music, a laser light show, gigantic fireworks with 25-inch shells, and fireworks cascading from the Gwangandaegyo Bridge.

south korea traveling busan fireworks

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Most of the pyrotechnicians presenting this year are South Korean; however, there will be a guest exhibition from a Japanese firework factory. While many people head to the beaches to view the display, others head to nearby Hwangnyeongsan Mountain for another vantage point.

In previous years, the festival has shot off about 85,000 fireworks to create the stunning event that has attracted so many spectators.

Staying in Touch When Traveling to South Korea

With the large crowds of the Busan Fireworks Festival, an effective communications app is key to staying in contact with others who are attending the event.

calling South Korea Ooma app

Ooma’s free calling app gives users access to their Ooma Telo phone service, even when traveling internationally. Because Ooma securely transmits your calls over your internet connection, international rates are low, no matter where you’re calling from. Therefore, whether you’re using Ooma to call South Korea before your trip to the Busan Fireworks Festival, or you’re calling South Korean numbers while you’re traveling. Ooma’s international calling service makes it easy and affordable.

For Ooma Basic or Ooma Premier customers, it costs just 6 cents per minute to call landlines in South Korea outside of Seoul. Per-minute rates to Seoul are only 3.9 cents, and per-minute rates to South Korea’s mobile-SS numbers are 4.9 or 8.4 cents, depending on your phone plan.

Keep in mind that when you’re using the app to place calls while you’re overseas, connecting to Wi-Fi can help you avoid international data charges from your mobile carrier.

Unlimited Access to International Calling

If you’d rather avoid paying for calls by the minute, Ooma’s International calling plans provide unlimited calling to many international locations.

Whether you’re a globetrotter who makes frequent international calls or you regularly call family who are living overseas, Ooma’s international calling plans give you the freedom to call as often as you want. Plus, there are no contracts!

Ooma South Korea international calls

The Ooma World plan includes unlimited minutes to landlines in over 60 countries and to mobile phones in over 10 countries. Subscribers can make calls from their home phone using their Ooma Telo or make calls from anywhere using the free calling app. For the first 12 months of service, the Ooma World plan costs just $9.99 per month, offering significant international access for a very low cost.

The Ooma World plan includes unlimited access to South Korea’s landlines and all phone numbers in Seoul. Phone calls to South Korea’s mobile-SS numbers cost just 4.9 cents per minute with this plan.

For those wanting even more international access, the Ooma World Plus plan includes unlimited calling to landlines in over 70 countries and to mobile phones in over 40 countries. This plan provides users with unlimited access to all South Korean telephone numbers, including mobile-SS numbers.

The cost for the Ooma World Plus plan is only $25.99 per month, and some of the other included countries are Mongolia, Bangladesh, the Netherlands, and many more.

Learn more about how easy and affordable it is to call South Korea with Ooma’s international phone service.

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