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How does “The Number One Rated Leadership Trainer” in the state of Arizona reach customers without hiring a lot of employees?

Starting a business can be difficult but it can be even more challenging if you don’t have the resources to effectively market to customers. According to a recent Inc. Magazine article, hiring employees, increasing profits and growing revenues are three of the biggest challenges small businesses have.

As a small business owner, any available resources that can meet and exceed those challenges are always welcomed.

Ooma recently partnered with Ebong Eka (www.ebongeka.com) to interview Dr. Will Moreland, founder and president of Will Moreland International, on Facebook Live to learn how his growing company markets his business.

You can watch the interview here:

dr will moreland ooma updated video

Dr. Will Moreland is a US Army veteran, professional speaker and leadership development entrepreneur! More importantly, his story was the impetus for his career and life journey. Despite growing up in Compton, CA at a time where the drug problem, gang violence and murder rate were at an all-time high, Dr. Will made the critical choice to have an amazing life helping individuals and companies excel in life.

He realized that using his story to market to his customers is one important strategy to connect with those customers. Dr. Will also uses other small business resources to effectively market his business and reach more customers without spending a lot of money doing so!

Suffice it to say, he loves a variety of the features Ooma Office provides!

Here are some of Dr. Will’s best marketing tips for your small business:

1. Virtual Receptionist Feature from Ooma Office.
Dr. Will uses the Ooma Office Phone System as an additional employee. He doesn’t have to hire an additional employee to perform the duties that the Virtual Receptionist feature offers. “That saves money, time and additional costs for my business!”

2. Dr. Will uses direct mail campaigns to specifically targeted key decision makers.
By identifying the key decision makers, Dr. Will doesn’t spend extra money on sending information to non-decision making employees. He can directly target who is responsible writing the check and securing outside providers.

3. Social media and live streaming – Dr. Will uses social media and live streaming platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Periscope to economically reach audiences and share his message.

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Anat Hazanchuk

Anat is the Sr. Social Media Marketing Manager at Ooma. With over seven years of experience in Social Media, her early adoption of popular social media platforms allows her to stay one step ahead in the social media realm. Her experience, goal-oriented personality, and understanding of engagement and metrics lead her to create social media solutions that provide measurable results. Anat holds a BS in Marketing and a minor in Communications from Arizona State University.

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