Smart Home Security for Next to Nothing

6 Steps to Better Home Security

More than 4,100 burglaries are committed every day in the United States, at an average loss of $2,361 per crime. While it’s a common mistake to wait until after a crime has occurred to secure your property, smart consumers are thinking strategically about their security. In fact, the low cost of today’s security devices provides […]

Tech Trends: Using Video Security When Selling Your House

If you’re selling your home, you may be concerned that potential homebuyers will lift some of your valuables while they’re looking at the space. It’s not uncommon, and many real estate agents suggest taking reasonable precautions such as hiding jewelry or securing financial documents. Increasingly, homeowners are protecting their homes by using Wi-Fi outdoor home […]

Are You Able To Call 911 In An Emergency?

In an emergency, you may not even think twice about calling 911 to get help from emergency services. However, dialing 911 was only initiated in 1968 as a standardized way to access emergency services across the nation. Of course, telephone technology has undergone significant changes since the sixties, and unfortunately, 911 services have not kept […]