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Tech Trends in 2019: Cloud Phone Systems for Enterprise

Only about a third of businesses are using cloud phone systems. However, across all areas of business technology, 96 percent of companies use the cloud. This differential is one of the reasons Tech Target predicts that in 2019, more business phones will move to the cloud. Are you thinking about taking a cloud-first approach to […]

5 Top Enterprise Technology Trends for 2019

In today’s digital-first environment, the right business technology can make the difference between remaining competitive and falling behind. In fact, being digitally savvy is a key metric that sets businesses apart from one another. In a MIT analysis of companies earning more than $1 billion in annual revenue, those with digital-savvy directors had significantly higher […]

How Does a Cloud Based Phone System Work?

Cloud-based phone systems have gone from being an alternative form of voice communication to a predominant phone technology that’s used by millions. What does it mean to have cloud phone service, and how does it work? Let’s break down the basics of this technology. What Is a Cloud-based Phone System? Rather than using traditional phone […]