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Ken Narita

Ken Narita’s marketing career spans two decades helping businesses large and small grow. Whether it’s been advising emerging startups, guiding clients from the agency side, or currently, leading SMB marketing at Ooma, Ken has always taken an empathetic approach to addressing goals, gaps, and opportunities. Previously at TriNet, from 2011 to 2017, he grew and led the revenue marketing team through a period of rapid change and growth where net service revenue consistently grew in a range of 15-20% per year and reached $650 million at the end of his tenure. Ken has led demand generation, field marketing, customer marketing, and marketing operations teams and enjoys the ability to integrate campaigns across all functions to drive results.

Articles by: Ken Narita

Written by Ken Narita

The right tool makes all the difference for restaurant owners and operators. For example, when a chef chooses the right knife for the task, they’re able to make a better cut. So too must smart decisions be made about the tools and services of restaurant operations. In order for your front-of-house to be as effective […]

Written by Ken Narita

Remember the days when business trips meant getting used to travel-sized toiletries, fold-out ironing board, and frantically juggling phone messages from the office? Thanks to VoIP technology, traveling no longer means losing touch. With mobile VoIP, you can receive client calls regularly and collaborate with your colleagues from wherever — whether you’re in your firm’s […]

personal and work keep in touch VoIP
Written by Ken Narita

It’s a fast-paced world, and though technology has made great strides, digital interconnectedness sometimes comes at a cost. It’s increasingly challenging to keep personal and professional lives separate, and you’re often expected to answer your work phone while attending your kid’s soccer game on a Saturday afternoon. On the other hand, technology also allows users […]