Dmitry Maslov

Dmitry Maslov is a Senior Product Manager driving development for mobile applications and security services at Ooma. Dmitry has a diverse background and a wide range of interests (prior to Ooma, he has been responsible for product development in travel, design, publishing and security industries). When not fighting for a good UX, he enjoys hiking, challenging stereotypes and generating winning solutions at hackathons.

Articles by: Dmitry Maslov

Use Amazon Echo to help you call 911 in an Emergency
Written by Dmitry Maslov

What do you do if you can’t get to the phone during an emergency? After a fall or stroke, a phone on the other side of the room could be useless. With the prevalence of voice-activated smart assistants, such as Amazon Alexa, you could use a simple voice command to get help. The ability to […]

Written by Dmitry Maslov

Your Ooma Home smart security system just got better with hands-free security controls through Google Assistant! With the Ooma Home security system, you already have remote access to an unlimited number of door and window sensors, motion sensors, video security cameras, garage door sensors, and water detection devices. While it’s powerful to control your smart […]

Written by Dmitry Maslov

With Alexa’s hands-free controls, voice commands can trigger actions such as playing music, getting the news, checking the traffic, purchasing items from Amazon, talking to Santa, and much more. On top of the built-in functionality, Alexa’s skills give you add-on tools that let you interact with third-party devices and services. For example, you can use […]