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Ben Nader

Ben is the General Manager of Butterfleye group at Ooma. Ben was the founder and CEO of Butterfleye - an AI based security camera startup with cloud recurring revenue business, which Ooma acquired on December 2017. Butterfleye cameras use advance software, and artificial intelligence to recognize faces, people, pet, and many other objects.

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Written by Ben Nader

It’s easy to hop on your favorite social media platform to see all sorts of info about your friends, such as vacation photos, lunch pics, and more. The endless stream of updates tells us so much about what’s happening in the world and with the people we know, but it doesn’t tell us what’s happening […]

Written by Ben Nader

Home security technology has recently made a huge leap forward. Where facial recognition was previously available only for enterprise or government security systems, consumers can now implement home security systems with the same technology. Facial recognition technology helps keep your home safe in these five ways: Advanced Detection and Identification The Ooma Home security system […]

Written by Ben Nader

In a traditional home security system, users have an access code for arming and disarming the system. This critical series of numbers is what you type each time you arrive home and each time you leave the house. Today’s smart home security systems are using different types of technology to arm and disarm your home’s […]