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Anthony Hizon

Anthony Hizon is a Senior Product Manager driving development for Ooma Home Security. He also managed development for Ooma Internet Security and Ooma’s integration with IFTTT. Anthony holds an MS in Management Science and Engineering and a BS in Electrical Engineering both from Stanford University.

Articles by: Anthony Hizon

smart home technology-feature
Written by Anthony Hizon

Did you know that one in four consumers (26%) own a smart-home product, and 98% of users are satisfied with their smart-home device? So, if almost everyone is satisfied, why haven’t smart-home products been more widely accepted? The primary hesitations for purchasing smart-home technology are price (42%), and data privacy and security (17%). However, the […]

Smart Home Technology
Written by Anthony Hizon

Several years ago, the “internet of things” wasn’t a household term. Thanks to the emergence of smart technology, however, 81% of buyers would be more willing to buy a home if smart home products were installed, and 54% of homeowners who are in the market to sell would buy smart home technology to speed up […]

apartment safe with DIY home security
Written by Anthony Hizon

Did you know that a home break-in happens once every 15 seconds? And renters are 85% more likely to be burglarized than homeowners. Yikes! While the burglary statistics sound ominous, there are easy ways to make your home safe and secure. Ooma worked with the team at to put together these DIY Security tips. […]