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Anat Hazanchuk

Anat is the Sr. Social Media Marketing Manager at Ooma. With over seven years of experience in Social Media, her early adoption of popular social media platforms allows her to stay one step ahead in the social media realm. Her experience, goal-oriented personality, and understanding of engagement and metrics lead her to create social media solutions that provide measurable results. Anat holds a BS in Marketing and a minor in Communications from Arizona State University.

Articles by: Anat Hazanchuk

Written by Anat Hazanchuk

Santa Claus has been around as long as anyone can remember, and yet his magical annual toy operation hasn’t yet been modernized. Do you wonder what would happen if we applied modern business practices and updated technology to Santa’s old-fashioned operations? Let’s consider some key ways to upgrade the North Pole. Paste this Image on […]

Written by Anat Hazanchuk

The Internet hasn’t spread around the globe equally. Just as each country has its own economic policy, and its International calling rates, each one’s relationship with technology also affects how it stands in comparison to neighboring nations. Countries with the Best Public Wi-Fi When navigating the globe’s public Wi-Fi hotspots, high-speed internet with internet phone […]

Driving to the Office
Written by Anat Hazanchuk

On average, Americans spend 26 minutes commuting to work each day. From Silicon Valley tech workers who have a long commute due to inflated housing costs to farmers who just drive the tractor down the road, commuting to work covers the range of time zones and landscapes. And this year marks the longest that the […]