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“Alexa, Use Ooma to Call Mom!”

1That’s right –Ooma is partnering with Amazon to provide advanced voice-enabled calling capabilities using Amazon Echo and its voice-activated virtual assistant, Alexa. As the first-ever home communications solution to enable calling capabilities for Amazon Echo, Ooma continues to lead the way as the communications hub of the smart home.

Here’s how it works:

Free for ALL Amazon Echo Users

Alexa allows Amazon Echo users to initiate domestic phone calls using voice commands over Ooma’s cloud platform. The Ooma Calling Skill can be enabled from the Amazon Alexa App and activated for free.

Even More Features for Ooma Customers

For current Ooma Telo owners, the call destination can be identified by name if the contact information is entered into the Ooma online contact list. Users can also listen to voicemails through their Echo device by using the voice-command, “Alexa, use Ooma to play voicemail.”

In addition to the partnership with Amazon Echo, the Ooma Telo offers integrations with smart devices such as Nest, Philips Hue and LIFX, iOS and Android devices and wearables, WeMo and Dropbox – enabling new ways to communicate and be notified of important events at home and bringing both convenience and simplicity to homes everywhere.



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Thad White

Thad is the Director of Product Management at Ooma, responsible for driving great user experiences across Ooma’s portfolio of hardware devices, mobile apps, and services. Thad has more than 20 years experience building and managing consumer tech products at leading tech companies including Yahoo!, BlackBerry, and 3jam (acquired by Skype). He has worked on messaging and communications products used by hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Thad holds a BA from Rice University in cognitive science and linguistics.


  1. Paul Rauschelbach
    January 6, 2016    

    This hasn’t worked. I successfully enabled the skill, but it doesn’t recognize any contacts, and says that I need an Ooma account to dial a number or play voicemail.

    • Team Ooma
      January 10, 2016    

      You can still use the Ooma skill on Alexa even if you do not have an Ooma account. Once you have gotten the Ooma skill set up, you will be able to take advantage of many features such as making calls and saving nicknames for frequently-used numbers. Some features, like international calling and listening to voicemail, require an Ooma Telo. Please contact Customer Support at 1-888-711-6662 if you have any further questions.

  2. Dale Sillyman
    January 7, 2016    

    Where can we find instructions on how to connect and use Ooma with Alexa?

  3. James McCarty
    January 7, 2016    

    So, am I getting a free Ooma, am I just able to tell my Echo to call my mom with only enabling this skill, and if so, how does Alexa know my moms number?
    This is VERY unclear.

    • Team Ooma
      January 10, 2016    

      Hi James. Great questions! You are not getting a free Ooma. If you currently do not own an Ooma Telo you can download the trial with Amazon Echo. If you do own a Telo- you would just activate/enable the skill. Here is our support link to answer all your questions: http://support.ooma.com/home/amazon-alexa-integration/ Let me know if there is anything else I can answer for you.

  4. Paul
    January 11, 2016    

    Will this work with first generation (White) ooma units?

    • Team Ooma
      January 12, 2016    

      No, it will not work with the Hub.

      • Andrew
        January 13, 2016    

        I enabled the skill, and when I try to use it, the phone (that is connected to the coma) rings (which I expect) then I hear a recording saying my prepaid account balance is zero and I need to go online to add funds. Which is weird because the marketing and advertising says it can make free calls. I am trying to call my cell phone from inside my home when this happens. I called support, and it has been escalated to Engineering. Hopefully they get this to work!

        • Team Ooma
          January 18, 2016    

          Hi Andrew. Did you select “Login with existing account” option? This is probably the reason you are getting the account balance because it thinks you are using the trial. Please contact Customer Support at 1-888-711-6662 if you have any further questions.

  5. Nilesh Mistry
    January 12, 2016    

    Its NOT working. I enabled the skill but Alexa does not have info that i am on ooma.
    Unlinking on your website says” something went wrong”.

    Please fix it. we are all eager to use the convenience it offers.

    • Team Ooma
      January 18, 2016    

      When you logged in- did you select the “Login with existing account” option? If not, please re-add the skill.

    • Linda
      February 5, 2016    

      Trust me on this because I tried to link with Ooma many times and did it wrong many times. When you enable the skill it loads a screen for you to enter you ooma number, email, zip, etc. which I kept doing over and over. Printed beneath this it says ‘or login with existing account’ . when you choose this you get a screen where you enter your ooma number and your password that you set up online and press enter and it says to click to complete activation. When all this is done correctly it works!

  6. Shawn
    January 13, 2016    

    Will this work with Alexa on the Fire TV? I can install the Alexa Skill there just fine, but I don’t have an Ooma yet to know if it will work.

    • Team Ooma
      January 18, 2016    

      Yes it should work Shawn! Please contact Customer Support at 1-888-711-6662 if you have any particular questions on setting it up- a representative can assist you through the process.

  7. chaz
    January 20, 2016    

    Note to all…. I just added the skill and it is working great with my ooma telos

  8. Derek
    February 2, 2016    

    This worked great until my number ported. Now Alexa does not see any contacts? I tied reenableing, syncing nothing has worked

    • Team Ooma
      February 18, 2016    

      Hi Derek. Please go to the Alexa app on your smartphone, disable the skill, then re-enable it and be sure to sign in with the primary phone number on your account.

  9. Alan
    July 9, 2017    

    I have a black Telo that is about 4 years old. It works very well and is connected to the router with a cable. Will Alexa worj with it or do I need to buy a Telo Air?

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