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The Disconnect Over 'Offline Mode' for Credit Card Transactions

Nearly fifty years ago, the modern credit card was born. Sure, some form of the credit card existed as far back as the 1860s, but the basic system we all use today began with two simple technological advancements. […]


Home phone use during lockdown: new routines to stay connected.

According to McKinsey, a consulting firm, more than two-thirds of Americans are holding back on outdoor activities, which means spending much more time at home. That means fewer visits to your favorite restaurant and perhaps a lot more time using streaming ser […]


What if Santa went virtual?

Santa Claus has been around as long as anyone can remember, and yet his magical annual toy operation hasn't yet been modernized.Do you wonder what would happen if we applied modern business practices and updated technology to Santa’s old-. […]


Hands-free Home Security: Using Alexa with Ooma Home

Using voice commands to control your home devices can make things so much easier. This applies to home security, too; that’s why the smart home security system. […]