Get even more freedom with our Bluetooth Adapter.

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Here’s something cool--you can pair your mobile phone with your Ooma system so you never miss a mobile call while at home. Or pair Bluetooth headsets for hands-free calling.


  • Easy setup and activation

    Most customers are up and making free calls in less than 15 minutes. Learn More.

  • Go hands-free

    You can use your Bluetooth earpiece to talk on your home line – with up to 30 feet of transmission range.

  • Multiply your ring

    Add the convenience of answering your mobile phone calls on any phone in your home. Plus you won’t have to worry about poor reception or dropped calls.

  • Pair up to 7 devices

    Pair up to 7 mobile phones or Bluetooth headsets.

  • Transfer calls

    If you're using an Ooma handset, you can transfer your call to your Bluetooth headset and be hands-free. Or transfer your mobile calls to your Telo when you get home.