Here are just a few stories people have shared with us!

Payback on the system is less than 14 months. Dollars are dollars returned back into my pocket and not Comcast’s or Vonage’s.
It is just sooooooooo reliable. I love it!
No more paying $43 a month for Landline phone.Now I have a BETTER service than before and only pay the taxes/regularity fees which is about $4 in my area.
I’ve saved over $1,600 with Ooma! It has paid for itself over and over again!
I was tired of paying too much to Time Warner for phone service that was poor- so I switched to Ooma!
I don’t think a company could do more to keep their customers happy, but I’m pleased to see them continually trying to do so. I’m proud to recommend Ooma to my friends.
My primary reason for choosing Ooma was I needed a landline without getting gouged by the telecomm companies.
I’m saving ridiculous money. I’m only paying $4 and change a month for phone service. My old phone number of 12 years ported over to Ooma quickly and without any headaches; it moved over much faster than Ooma estimated which is always nice.
Ooma offers direct on-the-web voicemail management, telephone call logging, and custom annoyance-call blocking–all things no conventional telco offers today.
I’ve been an Ooma customer for over 3 years!