My favorite Ooma feature is the online call list and the ease of blocking unwanted callers.
Call Quality, Reliability, and Scalability of the Ooma Telo system are outstanding!
I love being able to check my home voicemail from just about anywhere. I can check it from my phone, my desktop computer, from my cell phone or just recently – even via my Amazon Echo speaker.
We use the app wherever and whenever we travel, which has been quite extensively the past 6 months. Calling our family in Canada while we were visiting with family and friends in the UK via Ooma mobile was an unexpected pleasure, not to mention incredibly easy and convenient. We even called from a few tea shops!
The Community Blacklist is my favorite Ooma feature. The telemarketing calls have dropped from 3-4 per day to 3 in two weeks since I activated the Community Blacklist.
If I already pay for internet service, might as well get free phone service.
I will be moving to Oklahoma soon and being in a state where lots of big storms happen, its great to know I will never miss a call with the call forwarding feature, even when the power goes out.
I like that Ooma has all of the features that my upgraded landline phone had and then some, all at 90% less the cost I was paying previously.
Our Ooma box has been with us through several moves, keeps on ticking!
We got very tired of those high phone bills, poor connections, and a minimum mount of numbers we could block, so we switched to Ooma!