Here are just a few stories people have shared with us!

I’ve never seen anything online done this smoothly before. I like that a lot and hope it holds true for all aspects of the Ooma experience.
I like that I know what I will be paying and am in control. I can (and very well may) go up to premium, and the price is still very reasonable. There are no hidden charges. I like doing business with honest companies.
Everything is clear, I use the service all day every day and I would never use another service ever.
Reading reviews for the service, the benefits, and savings over the traditional landline convinced me to choose Ooma.
Since setting up my Ooma, I have the freedom to activate many features myself (Blacklisting, second line, etc.). As well as the TOP NOTCH tech support and incredible cheap rates!
My favorite Ooma feature is the ability to forward calls. I never miss a call when we travel!
According to my dashboard, I’ve saved close to $100 thus far!
I can always rely on my Ooma.
The services are comparable to Comcast and I was surprised that you could get so much for nothing. You will get call waiting, Caller-ID, Voice Mail, Call Logs History features for free. Ooma provides for 911 service to your local police, fire, and medical based on the address you registered on their website.
The phone calls to my house from robo calls was getting out of control my house is much more peaceful now with Ooma