Here are just a few stories people have shared with us!

I’ve gone from a $82.40 phone bill to either $5.29 or $14.28 (depending on if I use Premier or not). But what a savings!
Ooma phone has the winning combination of solving the main problem of landline phone which is endless stream of telemarketer calls and providing the complete phone solution at a relatively low price.
Being able to check messages with my smartphone is my favorite Ooma feature.
I compliment phone and chat support. They have been incredible in resolving some minor issues and questions.
I left Ooma for a month and a half because I had to due to needing to bundle services. After seeing how lousy the cable company’s system was, I came back to Ooma faster than the speed of light. Feels good to be back home.”
Ooma is reliable and offers high quality phone calls.
I just spoke to my parents in Guam and they said the call was so clear, it was as if I was just next door!
My favorite Ooma feature is the ability to view and manage my phone service remotely via Web or the Mobile App.
Our favorite Ooma feature is the ability to block calls. We got fed up with all the sales and robo calls prior to switching to Ooma.
I’ve saved over $1,400 since I bough my Ooma! I do pay for the Premier level (with a second line) so my parents can call me toll free (I have a phone number in their area code!). Also, I was able to use the Ooma mobile app to call my parents in the States via wifi from Paris, France (for FREE!) in 2013 when I was traveling along there. I love my Ooma!!!!