Here are just a few stories people have shared with us!

Ooma offers direct on-the-web voicemail management, telephone call logging, and custom annoyance-call blocking–all things no conventional telco offers today.
I’ve been an Ooma customer for over 3 years!
My favorite Ooma feature is being able to forward my calls with the Premier service. It allows me to be anywhere with my mobile phone and answer calls.
I’ve gone from a $82.40 phone bill to either $5.29 or $14.28 (depending on if I use Premier or not). But what a savings!
Ooma phone has the winning combination of solving the main problem of landline phone which is endless stream of telemarketer calls and providing the complete phone solution at a relatively low price.
Being able to check messages with my smartphone is my favorite Ooma feature.
I compliment phone and chat support. They have been incredible in resolving some minor issues and questions.
I left Ooma for a month and a half because I had to due to needing to bundle services. After seeing how lousy the cable company’s system was, I came back to Ooma faster than the speed of light. Feels good to be back home.”
Ooma is reliable and offers high quality phone calls.
I just spoke to my parents in Guam and they said the call was so clear, it was as if I was just next door!