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Access vs. Ownership

There has been an obvious shift in media consumption. Our movie watching has shifted from buying DVDs to streaming Netflix, and our music listening has gone from buying CDs to streaming Spotify. Consumer habits are shifting from ownership to streaming over the web. Here’s a look at how rapidly this shift is happening. Simply copy […]

Importance of Having a Landline Phone

Nearly half of all homes in America don’t have landlines. For the younger generation, even more are foregoing antiquated landlines — 71% of people age 24 to 34 use only their cell phones. With the trend toward more Americans cutting the cord on their landline, we are seeing a corresponding increase in the safety risk. […]

What Happens an Hour After Your Cell Phone Is Taken Away

The panic! The mayhem! The unthinkable reality of being without your phone!! Our phones are intertwined in our lives, our habits and our identities. The results of scientific studies continue to demonstrate just how important phones have become to our daily lives. The data tells us that three-quarters of phone owners use their phone at […]