Connect your phone and connect your home.

91% of Teens Access the Internet Through Mobile Devices—are They in Danger?

In today’s world, computers are everywhere. From home computers to small tablets and wearables, computers are now in every home, used by children and adults alike. And worse, all of these devices are vulnerable to hacking. Nearly 96 million Americans (or 31% of the population) have had their Internet network, e-mail, or computer hacked or […]

Smart Devices for Your Smart Home

Many smart-home gadgets are designed to give you increased connectedness and convenience. For example, you can save energy and money by using a smart thermostat, or you can protect your home with a smart smoke alarm or security system that will send real-time activity notifications to your mobile phone allowing you to take immediate action […]

Ooma Home Security Now Available

Ooma Home Security, a comprehensive do-it-yourself home monitoring solution that alerts users of events within their homes and makes it easy to contact local emergency 911 dispatchers in the case of a disturbance or problem, even if the homeowner is out of town, is now available for purchase at Designed to work with the […]