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Parental Controls: Cutting Screen Time and Safeguarding What Kids Are Doing

Do you miss the days of simple, tangible safety measures like covering electrical outlets and securing cabinet latches? It can be difficult to navigate how to keep your kids safe in an increasingly digital world that is dominated by personal mobile devices with Internet access. Thanks to the technology boom, the young and vulnerable could […]

Safeguard Your Home Network with Ooma Internet Security

There’s a new sheriff in town – and he’s barring internet threats from the premises. Starting today, Ooma is rolling out its new cloud-based Internet Security capabilities to Ooma Telo customers in the U.S. and Canada. The service is powered by Zscaler, a cloud-based internet security service that protects all devices from internet viruses and […]

Access vs. Ownership

There has been an obvious shift in media consumption. Our movie watching has shifted from buying DVDs to streaming Netflix, and our music listening has gone from buying CDs to streaming Spotify. Consumer habits are shifting from ownership to streaming over the web. Here’s a look at how rapidly this shift is happening. Simply copy […]