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Tue, 06/23/2009 - 17:27 -- Team Ooma

For a limited time only, we are offering a special Refer-A-Friend Reward Program that provides your family and friends the gift of free calling while giving you rewards.

Let your family and friends know that there has never been a better time to purchase ooma! We are offering the ooma Hub for $199.99 at the following Costco locations. For each successful referral, you will get your choice of either a $50 international calling credit OR 6 months of ooma Premier service.

All they need to do is purchase at one of the 20 Costco locations before July 11th, activate by July 18th and remain active for 30 days. There is no limit to how many friends you can refer and how many rewards you can collect.

Simply buy an ooma Hub at any of these following Costco's:

Anchorage, AK Waipahu, HI
Anchorage, AK Oak Brook, IL
Phoenix, AZ Gaithersburg, MD
Alhambra, CA Bloomfield, MI
Chula Vista, CA Clackamas, OR
Folsom, CA Houston, TX
Rancho Cucamonga, CA San Antonio, TX
South San Francisco, CA Arlington, VA
East Jacksonville, FL Tukwila, WA
Naples, FL Bayamon, Puerto Rico

For more details or to redeem your reward, please visit


Submitted by eYeks on

This promotion has expired... is there a replacement? I have already referred two family/friends to purchase ooma... after July 11th.

We've just extended it to the end of the month. Purchases between July 12 and July 31st now qualify. Thanks for your referrals!

Submitted by interested on

Does ooma have to be purchased from these locations, or purchases from also qalify? (None of the locations listed is close to our location).

Submitted by Paul on

Whatever happened to the Ooma Telo?

For the current referral program, only units purchased from one of the Costco stores qualifies. Unfortunately, this excludes purchases from We will be announcing availability of ooma product in more Costco stores soon - hopefully to a store near you.

It's coming...if you are an ooma customer and want to join the beta, go here:

Submitted by Dick Rhoads on

Your "details" link:
"For more details or to redeem your reward, please visit",
now just says "the program has expired".
Since the program is extended for a few more days, can you tell us the details on redeeming the reward again?

Sorry, the link expired accidently. We have fixed this, so you can now go to the page for details about the program.

Submitted by Angus on

I went to Costco at Alhambra, CA on 07/26/2009. I looked for ooma all over the store but couldn't find it. So I asked their service staff and their answer was that there was no such promotion, and they checked the computer that this item is only online at Does anyone know about this? I feel confused.

Submitted by interested on

The link mentioned on
links to There are much more than 20 locations on that map. Are these locations that will be having ooma in store?

Submitted by VBob on


We're looking into the Alhambra Costco and should have an update by early next week. The product may not have been placed on the floor yet at this store.


As you've noticed from the map, ooma is available in additional Costco stores -- I'll post an update to the blog post with the additional details.

Submitted by interested on

so, now that ooma is available in more than the 20 original stores - are purchases from those other stores also eligable for referral? If yes, how would one enter it on the referral for (drop-down box only has 20 original sotres)?

Yes, we just pushed an update to the referral page to expand eligibility to include the new stores. The referral form now allows you to type in the store location. An update to the blog will be posted shortly.

@Angus, we got some pictures of our display in the Alhambra store. It is tucked under laptop display shelf. There should be a recordable CD display right next to it. Let us know if you can find it!

Submitted by Kenny on

Does anyone know the Costco item number so I can call ahead, and have them check their stock. If any of you have purchased it locally at a store it should be on the recipt the number will work nationally.

Here is the Costco item number: 430992

Submitted by Kenny on

Thanks! Dennis I'll call them in the morning I think I'll pick up one ASAP, I have a feeling they are going to sell out fast.

Submitted by Aloha Bob on

I see they are selling them in Hawaii does this mean they now have 808 area codes?

I just posted a funny joke about waiting in line at COSTCO. Read it here:

Submitted by VBob on

@Aloha Bob

Yes, we currently have numbers in Honolulu -- check out the "Port or Choose a New Number" link at on the left side to check.

Submitted by Kenny on

Got my Ooma today had to drive to Chula Vista, CA 45mins one way to a Costco near the Mexican boarder, the sad thing is I live only three blocks from a store here in Carlsbad,CA (San Diego County) I heard from so many vendors that do road shows that the Carlsbad store is the best store in the county to sell anything from little gaint ladders to Vita-Mix Blenders I hope you guys a Ooma make note of this, By the way the CEO of Costco Jim Sinegal has a home here in Salona Beach . and shops at the Carlsbad Store if you want to sell tons of these Ooma I'd find a way to get them n the Carlsbad store.

Submitted by Jackie on

I just got my Ooma at it's a better value you get the Ooma core along with the Scout for 229.00 the scout will give me a extra phone line for only 99 bucks a year. I have kids that need that line so they won't tie up the main line. Were currently paying 90 bucks a month to AT&T I'm going to fire them on Monday.

Submitted by Howard on

I have a Ooma core and scout right now would it be possible to add one Core and scout so I could have four separate phone lines. from the same DSL/Router connection this would be the prefect set up for me. four lines.

Yes, you can operate multiple ooma devices in the same location provided you have sufficient bandwidth for all those lines. The Scouts need to be installed on separate wiring (you could wire one set on line 1 and another set on line 2). You would also need a router to connect the two Hubs at the same time, it's not a good idea to daisy-chain the Hubs together.

Submitted by Howard on

Can I run a different core and scout on the DSL line. In other words 2 cores two scouts all at the same time

Submitted by Howard on

I'm going to try it in a few days and report back. I will be using one router and upgradeing my DSL bandwith

If the refer a friend program is back in service, and providing the $50 or Premier Service for 6 months, AND if the Ooma phone is available at the Memphis, TN store, please let me know (12-18-09). I know of an interested party, even though Memphis is 85 miles away.

i completely agree with what you say but as im from poland and my english is not that smashing im not sure if i interpreted everything right. I would enjoy if you could post a translated edition of your articles, so i can read them more easily. Hope to read over again soon here!

Submitted by Shashank Rayasam on

I heard that refer a friend is back. I am interested in trying ooma out. Will someone be my friend and refer me so I can get the $50 promotion please?

Thanks and happy holidays!

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