Ooma Mobile calling plan

When you call with Ooma Mobile, domestic calls are just 1.9¢ per minute. Mobile carriers charge a whole lot more than that! If you'd like to save even more, consider subscribing to the Ooma Mobile calling plan. For $4.99 each month, you'll get 1,000 minutes of calling time -- that's just half a cent per minute! Compared to what your cell phone carrier charges for 1,000 minutes of talk time, the Ooma Mobile calling plan is practically a steal.


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How can the Ooma Mobile calling plan help me save on my cell phone bill?

When you use Ooma Mobile instead of your cell phone minutes, you can reduce the minutes on your cell phone plan, and still make calls without ever worrying about expensive overage charges from your carrier again. For example, if you have an iPhone and you choose to cut your plan from 900 minutes to 450 minutes because you've subscribed to the Ooma Mobile calling plan, you can talk for 550 minutes more each month and still save $180 a year!

How do I use the Ooma Mobile calling plan?

You can use the Ooma Mobile calling plan in conjunction with the Ooma Mobile app on your iOS or Android phone. Once you've subscribed, simply place calls with the Ooma Mobile app just as you normally would. The minutes you use for domestic calls will be deducted from your calling plan automatically. To learn more about Ooma Mobile, you may wish to see our Ooma Mobile FAQ.

Can I subscribe to both an International calling plan and the Ooma Mobile calling plan?

It's not possible to subscribe to both plans -- you need to choose one or the other based on your calling patterns. If you subscribe to the international minutes bundle, however, you can use those minutes for international OR domestic Ooma Mobile calls. So if you have subscribed to the 1,000 minute International plan, you can use your 1,000 minute to call within the U.S. with Ooma Mobile, or to make calls to any of the over 60 countries included in the plan from your home phone or from Ooma Mobile.