My Ooma FAQ

Your My Ooma account is your one-stop shop for managing your Ooma account. It's the ultimate in convenience; you can change your account's settings from anywhere that you have an Internet connection, any time you want. You won't have to navigate phone menus or talk to an agent, and changes you make will be reflected within minutes. Whether you'd like to check your voicemail, manage your call forwarding settings, or purchase an add-on to enhance your Ooma experience, your My Ooma account is where you'll do it.

Table of Contents

How do I sign into my My Ooma account?

You can sign in to your My Ooma account by visiting with a web browser. We've even optimized our site for mobile use if you'd like to use your smartphone! For more information about logging into your My Ooma account for the first time, you may wish to see our introductory FAQ.

What if I've forgotten the password to my My Ooma account?

If you've forgotten the password for your My Ooma account, you can recover it by following the instructions in the password recovery FAQ.

What can I do with my My Ooma account?

Your My Ooma account allows you to:

  • Find information about your phone usage, such as calling statistics and call logs
  • Learn specifics about your account and your Ooma hardware
  • Change your account preferences and manage various Ooma features
  • Purchase Add-Ons to enhance your Ooma calling experience
  • Listen to and manage your voicemail messages
  • Manage your Contacts List
  • Much, much more...

What settings are located under the Home tab?

Your most commonly-used features are located under the Home tab in your My Ooma account. Here, you'll have access to:

What is the Dashboard?

The Ooma Dashboard is your default landing page when you log in to your My Ooma account. With the Dashboard, you can do the following at a glance:

  • Check your recent calls and messages
  • Look at your calling statistics
  • Monitor your prepaid account
  • Set up commonly used feature quickly with the Ooma Setup Guide
  • Keep up with Ooma's latest news and offers

How do I change the default home page for My Ooma?

You can change the default home page for your My Ooma account by visiting My Ooma under the Preferences tab. You can choose between the Dashboard, your Contacts, your Call Logs, and your online Voicemail page.

What settings are located under the Preferences tab?

The Preferences tab is the place to go to manage the features that you've enabled on your account, including features that are part of the Ooma Premier package (designated with ).  The following features can be configured under the Preferences tab:

How quickly do changes to my account preferences take effect?

When you make changes your My Ooma account, your preferences will take effect within just a few minutes.

What is 10-digit dialing under the privacy preferences tab?

With Ooma, you can set your phone to allow you to dial a number without the "1" before the area code by enabling 10-digit dialing. To toggle this preference, log into your My Ooma account and visit the System page under the Preferences tab.

Note: If you enable 10-digit dialing, you can still opt to dial "1" before the area code. If you enable 10-digit dialing, you will experience an extra delay before your call is connected when you dial local 7-digit numbers. To bypass this extra delay, dial "#" after you have finished dialing the destination phone number. 

What settings are located under the Accounts tab?

You will use the Account tab in My Ooma to find information about and configure your Ooma service, and to manage your prepaid account. The options under this tab will allow you to do the following:

What can I do with the Add-Ons tab?

The Add-Ons tab is where you'll go if you'd like to purchase additional equipment (such as Ooma Telo Handsets) or service packages (such as Ooma Premier) to enhance your Ooma experience. The options you will see may vary based on whether you have an Ooma Telo or Ooma Hub, and how long you've been an Ooma customer, but rest assured that you will only see the option to purchase equipment and services that are compatible with your Ooma setup. In order to buy any of the options in the Add-Ons tab, simply click on what you'd like, add it to your cart, and complete the check-out process.

Note: Active subscriptions to services are not shown in the Add-Ons tab, as you cannot purchase them a second time. 

I don't see the Add-On that I'm looking for. Where is it?

If you don't see an option that you're looking for under your Add-Ons tab, there are two likely causes:

  • Your hardware is not compatible with the add-on you are looking for
  • You have already purchased a subscription to the add-on you are looking for

To determine whether you have purchased a subscription to a service, you can visit the Services option under the Accounts tab.

How do I cancel an order or a service that I've subscribed to?

Please call our customer care group if you would like to cancel an order or subscription.

How do I sign out of My Ooma?

You can sign out of your My Ooma account by clicking  in the upper-right corner of your Internet browser.

Can I stay signed in to My Ooma?

Yes! You can keep your My Ooma session signed in by clicking the "Keep me logged in" button where you enter your My Ooma username and password. Your account will remain logged in for about two weeks before you will need to sign in again.

Where can I find more help in My Ooma?

If you are looking for more guidance about anything in your My Ooma account, there's help available in several places:

  • Most pages in your My Ooma account will have help available on the right side of the page
  • For more in-depth information, click on the on the  button next to the page title
  • You can visit our Knowledge Base to learn more about all of the features available in My Ooma

Can I access My Ooma from my mobile device?

Yes! You can access a specially formatted version of My Ooma from your smartphone by navigating to, or by downloading the Ooma Mobile app for your iPhone or Android device.

What browsers are supported for My Ooma?

For the best experience with your My Ooma account, please use one of the following Internet browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 7 or 8
  • Firefox 2 or 3
  • Safari 3 or 4

While it is possible to access your My Ooma account from other web browsers, Ooma cannot guarantee that they will work properly with all features.