International calling plans

The worst part of international calling is knowing that every time you talk you're racking up huge charges on your monthly phone bill. With Ooma, you can say goodbye to high international calling rates and save yourself from the inconvenience of sitting in front of your computer or using phone cards full of hidden charges to make calls.

Reference: If you're looking for information about how to make international calls, you can learn more here.

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How do international calling charges work?

Calling internationally with Ooma is easy and affordable. To get started, you need to do at least one of the following:

  • Load up your pay-as-you-go account with a little bit of money to gain immediate access to competitively low international rates.
  • Subscribe to a bundled minute calling plan to call over 60 countries for one flat rate.

If you're planning on doing a lot of international dialing, you can save a lot by adding a monthly subscription to our bundled-minute plan, or by signing up for our all-new unlimited international calling plan.

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Note: Calling from one Ooma phone number to another is always free, regardless of where in the world the Ooma Telo is physically located!

Does Ooma offer plans with bundled minutes?

Yes! You can choose a 500-minute plan or an unlimited plan depending on how much international calling you're planning on doing each month. These plans allow you to use your Ooma phone or your Ooma Mobile app to call landlines to over 60 countries around the world for less than a penny per minute. Also included in these plans are calls to cell phones in 12 countries.

When you are deciding which plan is right for you, keep in mind that the 500-minute bundled plan is only available to Ooma Premier subscribers.

Reference: You can purchase bundled international calling plans by visiting our subscription page.

Note: For U.S. customers, the rates displayed do not include a mandated Federal Universal Service Fund (FUSF) fee that changes quarterly and usually ranges from 15 to 18%.

What is the cost of the different international calling plans?

You can check the table below for a breakdown of the pricing structure for our international calling plans:

Basic price Ooma Premier price
500-minute plan Unavailable $4.99 / month
Unlimited plan $17.99 / month U.S.
$19.99 / month Canadian*
$14.99 / month U.S.
$17.99 / month Canadian*

*Note: Canadian customers are not responsible for the FUSF fee.

If I've subscribed to an international calling plan, will the monthly fee come out of my pay-as-you-go account?

No. Each month the credit card that Ooma has on file will be charged the price of your international calling plan. Money for calls to other countries will only come out of your pay-as-you-go account if you call a country that is not covered under the bundled minute plan (or call a mobile phone in a country where mobile phones are not included in the plan).

Reference: To learn more about pay-as-you-go calling, please visit our prepaid calling FAQ.

Are there any taxes or fees associated with international calling?

For U.S. customers, all international calling plan subscriptions and calling charges are subject to a U.S. federally mandated tax called the Federal Universal Service Fund (FUSF) fee that changes quarterly and usually ranges from 15 to 18%. International calls made using your pay-as-you-go account carry a 3.9¢ connection fee per account, but this fee is waived if you subscribe to one of our international calling plans.