Free Calling to U.S. and Canada for Ooma Premier Subscribers

Recently, we launched Ooma free home phone service across Canada. As a result of this expansion into Canada, we have added a new perk of free calling to Canada for our U.S. Ooma Premier subscribers.

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How does calling to the U.S. and Canada work?

If you have a subscription to Ooma Premier, then calling to landlines and cell phones in both U.S. and Canada is now included as part of your free calling service.

Can I call to the U.S. and Canada with my Basic account?

For our valued Basic customers, nationwide calls to the country where you purchased your Ooma device are free. Otherwise, calls abroad start at just 1.6¢ per minute. Basic customers who make many international calls may also wish to consider subscribing to our 61 Country International Calling Bundle, which includes 1,000 calling minutes to landlines in 61 countries for just $10/month.

Do I need to do anything special when I dial?

Dialing a U.S. or Canadian number is the same: you must dial 1 followed by the area code and the seven-digit number you would like to reach.

If I purchased my unit in the United States, can I select a phone number from Canada (and vice-versa)?

Ooma Telos that were purchased in the United States must have a primary number from a U.S. area code, and vice-versa for Canadian units.

Please read below for more information about choosing an out-of-country number.

Can I have a phone number from each country?

Ooma Premier subscribers may select a virtual phone number from either the United States or Canada. So if you use your Telo in the U.S. but have friends and family in Canada, as a Premier subscriber, you may add a second number from a Canadian area code so your loved ones can reach you without paying for an international long distance call.

One virtual number is included in the Premier subscription, and up to eight additional numbers (for a total of 10) are supported for just $4.99 each month.

Can a unit with a U.S. phone number have a Canadian 911 address and vice-versa?

No. The Ooma Telo device sold in the United States must have a U.S. service address. Devices sold in Canada must have a Canadian service address.

Can I call both countries for free during my Ooma Premier free trial period?

Yes! Your Ooma Premier free trial includes all of the perks of a Premier subscription, meaning that you can make free calls to the U.S. and Canada during your trial period.

Are there any limitations for U.S. customers when calling Canada?

Premier customers in the U.S. can call anywhere in Canada for free except to the Northwest Territories. Calls to that area will be charged at our normal international rates.