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When the telephone rings, you want to know who's on the other end. If you have a Basic account, you'll only see the phone number that's calling -- a real hassle if you don't have all of your loved ones' phone numbers memorized! Even if you have Ooma Premier, the national caller-ID database can sometimes be incorrect or have cryptic abbreviations. By using the contact list feature, you'll get personalized caller name information on your phones and unlock all kinds of advantages beyond better caller-ID. Your dashboard, call logs and voicemail box will populate real names instead of phone numbers anywhere that phone numbers are used in your My Ooma account. With personal aliases like "Mom" or "Grandpa," you'll never have to wonder who's calling. Best of all, Ooma Telo Handsets users can sync their contact list to their Telo Handsets for easy dialing!

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How do I get started setting up my contact list?

When you're ready to get started, you can start adding people you know to your contact list by logging into your My Ooma account and visiting Contacts under the Home tab. You should see an interface that is similar to the one pictured below.


How do I add a contact to my contact list?

There are many different ways of adding people to your contact list:

  • With the  button on the contacts interface.
  • Importing contacts from 3rd party application and services.
  • Through the call logs interface under the Home tab. You can learn more about our call logs in the knowledgebase.
  • By pressing the  button.

Add button

You can add contacts to your list by clicking the  button on the contacts interface (shown above). A new window will pop up on your screen with informational fields that you can choose to fill out about your contact:

Don't worry if you can't fill all of the fields out -- all of the information you provide is optional. And Ooma will never share this personal information with any third parties. Your security is safe with us!

When you're done, hit "Create" and voila! The next time your contact calls from the phone number you've listed the name you've specified will pop up on your caller ID screen!

Importing contacts

You can import contacts from 3rd party application and services such as Microsoft Outlook through the Contacts interface by selecting Import from the  menu.

Note: You'll need to follow the instructions from Microsoft to export your contacts as a .csv file to upload if you're using Outlook as your source.

Through the call logs interface

The call logs interface contains an option to add a caller to your contact list. Simply use the dropdown menu on the far right side of your screen to add a particular phone number:

Adding through the Dashboard

You can add a name to a number that shows up as a frequent caller in the Calling Statistics tab of your My Ooma Dashboard:

To add a caller from here, click on the  button to be taken to the contact information page that was shown above.

How do I modify a contact?

You can modify a contact by first clicking on the contact's name, and then clicking on the  button.

How do I delete a contact?

You can delete a contact or contacts by selecting the check-boxes next to the names you wish to delete from the main contacts page. Once you've selected the contacts you want to delete, select the Delete option from the More menu as shown below:

How do I sync my contact list with my Ooma Telo and my Ooma Telo Handset?

There are a few different ways that you can sync your contact list:

  • You can select the  option on the main contacts page. You can find this option beneath the list of all your contacts.
  • You can select Sync from the More menu on your contacts page.
  • You can sync directly from your Ooma Telo Handset by pressing "Menu", then "Service Settings", then "Sync Config" on the handset. Note: It may take a few minutes for your contact list to finish syncing with your Ooma Telo and/or your Ooma Telo Handset.

Once you've synced your contact list, the information you set up will be used for all incoming calls on your Ooma Telo. If you own an Ooma Telo Handset, you'll also be able to access your contact list through your handset (just press the Image key on the right side of the phone's navigation pad) -- you'll have a homemade phone book!

Once I've set up my contact list, do I have to do anything else to see who's calling?

You will need to sync your contact list with your Ooma Telo before you'll be able to receive that information about incoming calls.

Can Basic customers access the full contact list feature?

Yes! Your contact list will be fully accessible no matter what type of Ooma account you have.

Premier: Ooma Premier customers who do not use an Ooma Telo Handset can relax a little bit when setting up theircontact lists. Remember -- with advanced caller ID, Ooma does most of the work for you by showing more information about incoming callers!

I've set up my contact list but it's not working for incoming calls. What's wrong?

The contact list works online for all users, but the Ooma Hub is not able to process contact list information into real-time caller ID for incoming calls. This feature is only available to Ooma Telo users.

How can I manage my contact list once I've set it up?

Once you've set up your contacts list, you can always make changes to it by visiting the Contacts page.

Is there a limit to the number of contacts I can have?

Yes. There is a limit of 1,000 entries in your contact list.