Common Configurations

Setup Troubleshooting

Most of the time, setting up your Ooma Telo is a quick and painless process. Every so often, though, something comes up that's a little bit outside of the norm. Before you panic, take a moment to see if your situation is addressed here!

Compatibility with other devices

Using Homeplugs with Ooma

In some cases, you may not be able to install the Ooma Telo next to your modem (or integrated modem/router) for the following reasons:

  • Physical space or location constraints (for example, your modem is in the garage or in a closet)
  • You want to place your Ooma Telo in a specific location (for example, in the bedroom, or in the living room)
  • Your Ooma Telo is set to operate with your landline (optional), but there is no phone wall jack outlet next to your modem.

The solution is to use a pair of homeplug (powerline) adapters that extend network connectivity through your home’s electrical power outlets.

Useful Terms - Identifying your Equipment

To install the ooma system, you must be able to identify and locate the following network devices and services: your high-speed Internet connection, your modem, your router, and your phone system.