Call screening

Even though caller-ID can tell you who's calling, there are times when you may not be sure you want to talk to the person on the other line. If you find yourself debating between picking up the phone and possibly getting trapped in an unwanted conversation, or letting the call go to voicemail and possibly feeling guilty for ignoring it, then call screening is here to help. With call screening you can listen to voicemails as they are being left. If you decide you want to take the call after hearing what they have to say, then pick up your phone and you'll be automatically connected.

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What is call screening and how does it work?

Call screening allows you to listen to voicemail messages as they're being left, just as you might with a traditional answering machine. Any time a missed call rolls to voicemail, the speaker of any Ooma device that rang when the call came in -- your Ooma Telo or Hub, and any Ooma Telo Handsets or Scouts you may have -- will turn on. You'll be able to hear your own voicemail prompt, and then the caller leaving their message. Similar to a traditional answering machine, you can choose to pick up your phone at any time while the caller is leaving the message to accept the call and start chatting. By default, call screening is enabled.

How do intercept a call that I want to answer?

You can intercept a call that you want to answer by picking up the phone! If you pick up while the caller is still leaving their message, the call will be connected normally, the voicemail recording will be stopped, and the speakers on your Ooma devices will turn off so that you may take the call in private.

Can I disable call screening?

You can disable call screening by following these steps:

  1. Log into My Ooma
  2. Navigate to Voicemail under the Preferences tab
  3. Under Broadband Answering Machine, uncheck the box next to "Enable Call Screening," as shown below:
  4. Save your changes

Is call screening available to all users?

No. Call screening is available only to Ooma Premier subscribers.

I have call screening enabled, but I can't hear people leaving messages. What's going on?

Your first step should be to ensure that the speaker on your Ooma Telo is turned on. You can do this by pressing the  on your Telo or turning the volume control knob on the left side of your Ooma Hub or Ooma Scout.

You can test the volume of the Ooma device by pressing the  button and making sure you can hear your voicemail.

Will call screening work while my phone is in Do Not Disturb mode?

No, when Do Not Disturb mode is enabled, incoming calls are directly sent to voicemail and will not be screened aloud on the speaker.

Reference: You can learn more about Do Not Disturb by reviewing our FAQ.