Call Logs

Once in a while you may want to check out who you've been on the phone with -- an impossible task with a traditional phone! With Ooma call logs, you can see a detailed report of your recent incoming, outgoing, and missed calls. You'll be able to see the duration of the calls and which phone line the call came in on. Better yet, you can use this page to add callers to your contact list, and to manage your privacy settings by blocking numbers you don't want to hear from again.

Table of Contents

How do I check my Ooma call logs?

You can get a brief overview of your top five callers when you log into your My Ooma account and check the Calling Statistics widget on your Dashboard. For a more detailed list of your calling activity, visit the the Call Logs page under the Home tab.

Are full call logs available to all customers?

Yes. Full call logs are available to all Ooma customers regardless of their account level.

What can I do in the call logs interface?

There are a number of handy things you can do while you're looking at your call logs!

Add number to contact list

You can add a phone number to your contact list by selecting "Add to Contacts" from the the  menu on the corresponding row. Adding a number to your contact list will let you see the caller's name everywhere the number appears in My Ooma and in your caller ID (Ooma Telo required).

Blacklist number

Ooma Premier subscribers can add a phone number to your blacklist by clicking on the  button on the corresponding row. Your personal blacklist is one way that Ooma gives you complete control over who can contact you, and who can't.

Export call logs

Exporting your call logs as a .csv file will allow you to have a backup of your calling activity. You can do this by using the  button at the bottom of the call logs interface

Can I see statistics about my calls?

You can see some limited statistics about your phone history with the Calling Statistics widget on your My Ooma dashboard. With this widget, you can see your top five callers and how many total minutes you've spent on the phone with each of them. You can also see the total number and duration of all calls that have been made to date with your Ooma.

How do I sort my call logs?

You can sort your call logs by clicking on the column headers corresponding with the category you're interested in. You can sort by the following fields:

  • Type -- sorts by incoming, outgoing, and missed calls
  • Phone number -- sorts calls by phone number in ascending or descending order
  • Date -- sorts calls by either most recent or least recent date
  • Duration -- sorts calls by length in ascending or descending order

For each of these columns, you will see the  icon next to the column if it is sorted in ascending order, and the  icon if it is sorted in descending order.

You can also filter your call logs to show just your incoming, outgoing, or missed calls by selecting your desired option from the menu on the sidebar, as shown below:

By default, the call logs page displays all types of calls. De-select "incoming" and "outgoing" to see just your "missed" calls.

How do I just see my missed calls?

You can see your missed calls by deselecting everything besides "Missed Calls" from the menu beneath Call Logs in the sidebar, as shown below:


How long are call logs available for?

Your call logs are available for 60 days. At that time they are no longer accessible.

Can I clear or delete my call logs?

No, it is not possible to clear or delete call logs. Call logs will be removed from the record 60 days after the call has been completed.