Anonymous Call Blocking

Many anonymous callers are anonymous for a reason -- they're up to no good. If you're not interested in taking calls from anonymous callers, Ooma has got you covered with anonymous call blocking. Now, Ooma Premier members can choose whether anonymous calls are allowed to ring the phone, get sent straight to voicemail, or get blocked completely.

Table of Contents

How does anonymous call blocking work?

To set up anonymous call blocking, you should follow these steps:

    1. Log into your My Ooma account
    2. Visit the "Privacy" section under the Preferences tab to see a screen like the one pictured below:
    3. Select the option to enable anonymous call block
    4. Choose whether anonymous calls are "Sent to Voicemail" or to a "Call Blocked Message"

Note: You can use Voicemail Monitoring to listen to anonymous calls that are sent straight to voicemail, and pick up the phone if it's a person you'd like to talk to.

What happens when anonymous calls are blocked completely?

When blocked completely, anonymous callers are redirected to a voice message explaining that your number does not accept anonymous calls. This message provides instructions to unblock a number for an outgoing call, allowing people you want to hear from to hang up and dial again successfully.

Is there a way to let Ooma know I want a particular anonymous caller to be allowed?

No. Ooma cannot differentiate between anonymous incoming numbers, so there's no way to single out anonymous callers you do wish to speak to. You may wish to let those callers know that they can dial *82 prior to entering your phone number to turn off their anonymous caller status.

Is anonymous call blocking available to all customers?

No. Anonymous call blocking is only available to Ooma Premier customers. Early Ooma customers who have the "Core" service tier also have access to the feature.