Accessing your Ooma Telo or Hub settings

Most of your account settings can be managed through your My Ooma account, but certain options can only be managed by connecting directly to your Ooma device. You can access the management interface of your Ooma device by using an Ethernet cable to connect your computer directly to Ooma. This is where you'll go to set up custom configurations, or to tweak the settings that your Ooma will use when interacting with your Internet connection.

Table of Contents

How can I access my Ooma device to manage its settings?

In order to access your Ooma device, please follow these instructions:

  1. Connect your computer's Internet port to your Ooma's HOME NETWORK port with an Ethernet cable
  2. Give your computer a moment to receive an IP address from your Ooma device
  3. Open a web browser on your computer and navigate to or

Once you have completed this connection, you will be able to access the set up page to configure your system's settings.

Can I access my Ooma device over my network without connecting to it physically?

In some cases, yes. If your Ooma device has been configured to sit directly behind your modem -- before your router -- you can connect to the management interface of your Ooma device over your home network by using a web browser and navigating to to If you have set up your Ooma device behind your router, you will not be able to connect to the device in this way.

What can I do with the Ooma management page?

You can use the Ooma device management page to configure settings that cannot be set up using your My Ooma account. For the most part, these options are related to your local network settings, advanced network configuration, and Bluetooth device setup. The management page can also be helpful for troubleshooting purposes. Here you'll find or configure the following information: 


  • Find information about the status of your Ooma service


  • Configure the way your Ooma device connects to your network (automatic or manual)
  • Set up PPPoE options for network login purposes
  • Set up a static IP address
  • Select the MAC address for your TO INTERNET port
  • Select the MAC address for your HOME NETWORK port


  • Turn Bluetooth service on and off
  • Name your bluetooth service
  • View and manage connected devices


  • Find information about your Ooma device's network connection
  • Find information about running services

Advanced Settings

  • Change your DHCP configuration
  • Set up a DMZ
  • Customize your quality of service settings to maximize voice quality
  • View and manage your port forwarding rules


  • Find detailed information about your HOME NETWORK port
  • Find detailed information about your TO INTERNET port